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My Own Regimen for Severe Acne

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I have struggled with severe acne since I was 14. I am now 23. I have gone to dermatologists and tried so many different "so called" solutions that I almost gave up hope. I even tried the acne.org regimen. Although it was the best I had used in a long time, it did not clear my skin enough to make me stick with it. Trust me, I used it long enough to know if it would be my solution or not. So, I started researching things on the internet as far as what is best for severe acne and for my skin type. I have fair/sensitive skin. With the knowledge I gathered I discovered what I consider a miracle so far! Having gone from total embarrassment to seeing multiple pimples of all kinds fade away so soon (within only a few days), I view this regimen as the #1 system for me to date! So, I am writing this in hopes that others with my similar issue will read this and at least try it for a few weeks. What would you have to lose? I mean, I have only been using this regimen for about 2 weeks now and am already floored with the results it is giving me. Best of all, it is all OTC products too! Here is what I have found to work for me so far:

Follow this twice daily, once in the AM and once in the PM:

Step 1: Wash face with Neutrogena Transparent Bar for Acne Prone Skin.

I suppose you could try the Oil Free Acne Wash if you prefer a liquid


Step 2: Stridex Dual Solutions Intensive Acne Repair System. Wipe entire face

with one of the stridex pads first. Then, once dry, apply the Benzoyl Gel over

entire face.

Step 3: Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer Oil Free- Apply generously over face as the Intensive effects of steps one and two can cause drying.

Separately these products may lack, but together they are awesome, at least for me.

Note: This may be intense at first, but for those with severe acne, its results should hopefully out way this!


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