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Hi everyone,

So here's what I am currently using:

clean & clear continuous control acne cleanser which has 10% benzoyl peroxide

clean & clear deep cleaning astringent for sensitive skin

clean & clear oil-free dual action moisturizer which has 0.5% salicylic acid

Its been about 3 weeks since I started using those products. I use them once in the morning and once before I go to sleep.

I've noticed that I have alot more pimples in areas that I don't usually breakout on - cheeks and chin. I currently have acne on my forehead, chin, and both sides of my face! Do you think my skin will clear up if I continue to use the products I am using? Is my skin getting worse before it gets better?

Is the problem the products I am using? Are you not supposed to use salicylic acid after benzoyl peroxide? (That's what I am doing with the moisturizer after the cleanser.) Please help!

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I firmly believe that using a gentle, un-medicated cleanser is the way to go.

Those products don't cause acne per se, but they CAN be irritating and can also dry out your skin. Then if you're skin is dry it might over-compensate and produce more oil.

I use topical bp every other day (the other days I just use moisturizer - an AHA one w/ SPF for the day and jojoba oil at night).

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I just wanted to share this coz it really worked for me... you can see the results in 3-4 weeks.

First I want to describe my acne... It is composed of papules, those pimples with pus ... alot of them also I had lots of blackheads on my forehead, t zone and so on. I also have some on my chin.

I used the product "Bioessence Acne Drying Lotion" I apply it at night before sleeping... you can also apply it in the morning like a foundation.. but since I am a guy. i dont want others to see me with that product on my face in the morning.. since its like makeup but its not makeup....

I have super senstive skin btw .. sensitive in a sense that when you touch it it quickly leaves a red mark lol.... also I have reactions even to baby products hahaha... so I can say its really good for sensitive skin.

The product also targets pimple marks... you know those stubborn dark spots...

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