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First week blues

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I am looking for a little reassurance and support as its my first week on the regime and it doesnt seem to be going well. I am pretty sure my skin has gotten alot worse, and now on top of the extra inlamed spots my skin is sore and dry. Has any one else had a similar experience?

I just want to know if it is worth carrying on and if this is a common trait on the regime...and whether it will settle down if I hang on in there.

The problem is it is getting me down .... especially that my skin is worse and and sore now.....I dont know what to do for the best.


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If you go to the Acne.org Regimen Logs... mine is called "Madi's Experience" and look at the pics I posted you can see my face got MUCH worse during week 1 and then even worse than that during week 2 :( Just stick to it, and try to leave the house as little as possible during the first few weeks.

Now I am just starting Week 3, and I can definitely see improvement.

Good luck :)

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I wouldn't quit just yet. Maybe cut way back on the regime. Only use BP once a day. Don't use so much soap. Maybe just wash your face once a day. These were all things I did to do to reduce irritation. I've been using DK BP for about 4 or more years. It's the only non prescription treatment that has worked for me. I've gotten into a routine. It's not necessarily exactly what Dan says, but i've found it's best for my skin.

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Just stick to the Regimen. I'm 99% sure you'll clear up eventually. And if your acne's mild, it won't even take long. It is SO common to experience a slight worsening of the skin before things start getting better. Trust me. People with their faces covered in cystic acne clear up from this regimen when nothing else has ever worked before. If you're feeling dry and irritated, get a good moisturizer (Dan's!) and a bottle of jojoba oil. Use a very small amount of BP when new on the Regimen and go slowly. Try not to think about the whole thing too much, just make it into a routine, as if it was just a part of your normal washing routine. Obviously if you're not that bothered by your acne you can quit, but if you really wanna get rid of it you should stick to the Regimen.

If the Regimen has caused your skin to produce more zits than you had a week ago, things will most likely start getting better very soon. It's basically a sign of that. Skin regimens work that way. It gets worse before it gets better. Like Brandy said, check the "what to expect" page. Hope this helps a bit.

(Been on the Regimen for a year myself and am clear, went from moderate-severe to no acne using bad products even)

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