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I have mild-moderate acne and have recently begun facial exercise. I just posted about argan oil, but I also wanted to add how amazing facial exercise is for the face. It has really helped with the scarring, texture and tone of my face. I am guessing that it has helped because of the increased circulation to the skin.

I also eat well and do yoga, so that helps I'm sure. But even when my acne was at its worst yoga and diet didn't help. It all came down to stress, depression, anxiety. Through hormonal treatment, I was able to treat the underlying issue which was causing the acne and all the other emotional symptoms. But then I was left with scars and dull, dry skin. I wanted something natural and facial exercise and argan oil were the answer. Probably this would be effective for people who are in the recovery stages who are looking for a quick, natural way to get rid of scars (especially the flat, red marks). Chemical peels did not work for me. They actually made my skin much worse, causing me to break out even more, weakening the skin, eczema, etc. Quite a nightmare, really. Same for retinyl palmitate, a milder verson of retinol I believe. I've heard that retinol exfoliates the skin sometimes too quickly and this can expose new skin to elements -- thus causing more rapid aging. Not for everyone, that's for sure. Just wanted to share this to help people find healthier options.

Good luck!

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I believe facial massage really helps break down scar tissue too, it increases circulation and improves tone. Certain massage movements around the jaw/neck line aid lymphatic drainage helping to prevent jawline breakouts :)

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