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Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Do some of you think had the Bush administration not actively suppressed embyronic stem sell research, we would 8 years later be very close to having a possible cure for scars of all types. Meaning today there could be a cure, or possibly a cure in clinical trials and awaiting FDA approval. Now with Obama hopefully 8 yrs from now we will get close to a cure.

What I' leading into, is there some way we can urge the current administration to focus more on this topic. How can we be more pro-active in getting federal money into the hands of researchers that are willing to study wound healing and scar repair. I have a feeling a lot of the federal money is going to go into neuron cell regeneration, since that seems most important.

I did an edit to remove the comment about religion/science. That way this discussion can stay more civil, and to the topic.

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See, it's gonna get ugly..

I think you are right. woopsy. too bad I can't remove the post. I didn't think about the deep passion people have about embryos and life.

woopsy daisy

I still think research in this area can possibly help us, or at the least help future scars to heal properly without scarring.

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SanJose, I totally agree that Bush set science back 8 years, but I won't get into a religious discussion here. Anyone interested in that type of discussion would do better to go here. Just be prepared for some pretty deep discussions.


I did an edit of my original post, I want this to be a pro-active discussion, you guys are right talking about religion and science together stirs up too much negativity and passion from both sides of the argument.

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How was that fool ever re-elected. 4 years wouldn't have been that bad but 8 is quite a long time...

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