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Sharing and Thank You

Two years ago, my acne came back after 1 years of pretty clear skin. I nearly wanted to kill myself because it just made me feel like it was lost hope. I went back on Accutane, and oddly it didn't even work that well on me? So, I decided to change my life for the better. I continued working out, watched my diet, and really read up and experimented on things that will help me clear up my face. It took two years, for me to get this far.....

Two years ago, I came to acne.org hoping to find a solution to my acne. I found recipes, I found regimens, but most importantly I found a TON of support. It was the support from the strangers in these forums that helped me get through those few months of depression.

Now, I am clear, and I yes there is some scarring...but I always look at myself and say that I have built a lot of character from this experience.

So as a Beauty/Design Guru on You-Tube I always make sure that everyone knows I suffered and occasionally have problem with acne. No one wants to see one more face on You-Tube with perfect skin telling you how to take care of your skin right?

I just wanted to come back and thank you guys and share my video link in here. I am working on a few acne regimen videos that ultimately will help those who feel inferior because they can't use a specific type of makeup michellephan, pursebuzz, bubzbeauty, or any other beauty gurus has suggested.

Good Luck. Be optimistic ^_^" and ALWAYS love yourself.


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