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Went to the store that I usualy buy my vitamins from, and picked up Symbiotics Colostrum powder and NOW Super Colostrum vcaps. I plan to use the powder when im at home, and take a couple of vcaps when I know I will be away from home all day. Since I wanted to try it out, I popped 3 vcaps in the car with a bottle of water. About 45 minutes later, I felt sick, almost to the point of vomiting. I got a bit dizy, and felt very drousy. I also had a headache, and that is telling me something because I rarely get headaches. I might get 1-2 heachaches a year!

Is this normal? The instructions say to take 2 caps 3 times daily. So I can't see why taking one extra cap would make me feel like that. Just curious if this is a normal.

Also something else that has me a bit concerned that I remember reading that the ones that have hard outer layer are better because they can make it to the large intestine. I wasn't thinking when I was in the store lol. You guys think that the vcaps are a waste because they are dissolving before they can make it to the large intestine?

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The colostrum thread that many people have posted their results on does talk about a die off reaction after taking the supplement. Could be something to consider...

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Thats what I was thinking at first. But then I took the Symbiotics Colostrum powder a couple of hours after I felt better, and I took it today as well and didn't have any of those symptoms. Curious what that could mean.

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