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Question about stopping using cleansers

If I would stop cleansing and moisturizing would my skin go crazy? I am currently on a candida diet. I do not have candida but I feel like it's helping with he inflammation. I don't get huge zits very often, I mostly get tiny whiteheads that don't go red or anything, they just pop out from nowhere. I'm thinking maybe it's the stuff I'm using on my skin (dans cleanser and different moisturizers with jojoba oil).

The main question is, is using a cleanser and moisturizer A MUST in terms of acne? If I have an absolutely PERFECT diet, would I still have to cleanse my face? I hate doing it, it doesn't feel natural at all. I would just prefer rinsing with warm water. I don't know which would clog the pores more, cleansing and moisturizing and disturbing the skins natural balance or letting the oil sit on my face and rinsing twice a day. I have a pretty oily skin. I don't know if the cleansers are what's causing it in the first place, and I'm afraid to find out, because my acne isn't that bad anymore... But it's still there.


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i only thinks its necessary to wash and apply moisturizer if you are applying creams, acne stuff, sunscreens, or makeup

applying moisturizer/sunscreen might help reduce skin aging and protect/reduce red acne marks/scars

if you use soap you should put the moisturizer on after; warm water rinse w/o moisturizer should be fine

try it out if it doesn't work for you (too oily) then it might be better to use all natural soap free cleansers/moisturizers or use rice paper oil blotting sheets

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