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Poll for post-Accutaners!

Oily Skin Post-Accutane  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. After finishing your course of Accutane, how oily is your skin?

    • Not oily at all
    • A little oily, but nowhere near pre-Accutane
    • Pretty oily, but not as oily as pre-Accutane
    • Just as oily as before Accutane

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This question is ONLY for those who have finished their Accutane course! Preferably for those more than a month post-Tane.

I'm just curious how effective it is for long-term oil reduction. I know for some people it reduces their oil, for others no. Just wanted a statistical look!

This poll presupposes that you had oily skin before Accutane.

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Oil slick pre-Accutane. 1.5 years after the course and oil production is still slight. Not dry, but not oily.

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I'm 3 months post accutane. I don't have to blot my face at all during the day, but I do have some oil production back. I'm very pleased with having balanced skin!

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3 months post accutane. pre-accutane extremely oily. when on accutane i got to the point where i only washed my hair once or twice a week, which was crazy for me. i now feel like i need to wash my hair every day or every other. T-zone is oilier now (but not too bad - yet!)...cheeks are dry.

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i wasnt that oily before, was dry but not flakey 1 month post accutane, now nearly 2 years off and im balanced id say, not oily and not dry, just right :)

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I'm really curious about this too. I have dryish skin now after being on accutane for 3 1/2 months for the first time in my adult life and i freakin LOVE IT!!!!! I don't want the oil to come back!!! I know a little is necessary but i haven't seen a blackhead in an entire month and it feels amazing. I'm trying to focus on the fact that my skin has physically changed (that's what accutane does) so i need not worry about it. But would love to hear from those who have been off of it for a while.

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