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Nervous about IB (Retin-A?)

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Hey Guys. :D

So for you people who have used/ are using Retin-A, how long did your initial breakouts last? Were you on any Antibiotics/other topicals beforehand? Did they help at all?

Were the breakouts painful?

Thanks for your time!!! :doh:

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I'm not going to lie, but the IB was awful. For me I started to gradually break out, and then a little over a month into it I broke out worse than I had in three years. It didn't go away, and after a little over two months my dermatologist switched me to Tazorac. I was on minocin at the beginning, but the bad breakout occurred after I was off of it. This isn't to say you shouldn't use it and stick with it because a lot of people have really good results. It just takes a LONG time. Don't expect any kind of results for at least 2-3 months. I kind of wish my dermatologist didn't switch me so soon because now I don't know whether it would have worked or not.

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Still on it and coming close to my 8th week... and still breaking out. I sort of know what will break out too because I use to have a shit load of little lumps on my skin. Like literally both sides of my skin when I tilt it so light can shine directly on it, you see it and it looks like some skin from a monster. IB was bad.... everything under those lumps broke out... I am still breaking out now... I have been on doxycycline for a while... idk my doc told me i had to go on it for 3 months.. I think thats too much so I will stop after i finish a few more. But, IDK i guess it could have been worst if I didn't take the oral anitbiotic. Right now a few places I know has toned out but left horrible red hyperpigmentation. Still breaking out near my 2 months... hoping 3rd time(3rd month) is really the charm...

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