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What are you most likely to do about your skin?

What are you most likely to do?  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. About your skin

    • Pick your skin
    • Let it heal
    • Clog it with makeup
    • Clog it with moisturizer/cream
    • Cover your face with hair so others dont see it
    • Cry and get depressed
    • Complain to your dermotologist
    • Wish you were someone else
    • Get embarrased in a crowd
    • Not go on dates
    • Hate being around little kids and their comments about you skin

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Why is there no "Try to find a treatment to clear it" option?

Most of the options you offered seem to be on the negative side. There's no "Not let it bother me", or "Live my life regardless of my skin", or anything like that.

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I agree with c'est la vigne, but I chose pick my skin anyway because that's what I do. I've been a lot better about it recently though and my skin is thanking me.

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I'm many of these. It was between picking, makeup, and avoiding little children for me! In the end I chose makeup, because I've never left the house without makeup unless I was going to the dermatologist, and then I hid myself.

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I used to pick for a couple months. You have to realised that your contributing to your problem.

It's an endless cycle. DON'T PICK YOUR SKIN! :P

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jump off a tall building?

lol nah i picked "Pick" lol

i reckon thats half the battle, leave your skin alone, apply some form of medication, keep it clean and just dont pick it, unless its literally a huge white head thats practically blowing its own brain

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For me it was either complain to my dermatologist, wish i was someone else or makeup, I chose makeup because i also never leave the house without it :naughty:

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I can't stand being around little kids..

Yep were all in this fight against acne together

its really UH MAZING to find people that understand this shitty diseases

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