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So what do I do now?

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I'm a Junior in college. I've struggled with depression the whole way but I just don't feel I can do it anymore.

I've habitually picked my face since sophomore year and had a sever episode that left bruises on my upper cheeks and later left cratered scars, almost like giant pores on my face. I tried to ignore them but eventually they became the focal point of my time in college. I became depressed and excessively self conscious about the scars but managed to become more social and happy in general. Then I realized that the only thing holding me back was these scars.

I'd been researching it for a long time and decided to start using retin-a ,an exfoliant, to sort the scars out. I went to the doctor and was prescribed retin-a. I began using the drug all the while picking and squeezing at lesions that would appear on my face. I'd hardly be aware if my hand was rubbing my face and apparently scratched it in my sleep.

The aftermath? I was left with more of the same scarring I had tried to alleviate. I was asked by my little sister why ,"I had all those tiny holes on my face." Worst part is I honestly don't know what to do. Retin-a supposedly makes things worse before fixing them. My gp dismissed my concerns with "try it for a month". I just feel kinda stuck.

Heartbreaking. What should I do now?

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if you now truely have indented crater type acne scars I suggest you stop having faith in topicals as a cure to dents. no topical in my opinion will get rid of dents. i suggest you make your mission now the prevention of any future scars. I don't really like retin A. try getting on Duac topical with possibly minocycline for a few months. Duac topical works great.

now to treat your acne scars, you need to save up some money and here are your options in a nut shell. you will have to do your own research on each one

Fractionated Co2 lasers such as Pixel Co2, Fraxel Re:pair, Lumenis TotalFx(DeepFx ActiveFx)


Chemical Peels...whole face tca, whole face phenol

TCA-Cross-- spot treatment with 100percent TCA

Dermabrasion either with a mechanical wire brush or with sand-paper

Needling with a tattoo gun

Derm-rolling with a dermaroller

Temporary/Permanent fillers

Other lasers that help with coloring etc....such as Vbeam.

hope thats helpful. stay away from harsh topicals

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Being an older dude, I can look at this from the beginning to the end. I went through a lot of the same stuff... The vicious circle of emotions creating the problem, then the problem creating more emotions, on and on... I went to numerous docs, and most of them acted like they couldn't really care less. They'd look at my face for 30 seconds, say it looks better this month or it looks a little worse this month... then throw a prescription at me and send me on my way. I believe all this does is placate the problem. A lot of the problem is mental. Stress creates the problem, or at the very least, greatly contributes to it. It sounds like you have a little more going on then just the facial problems. If you can afford it, it certainly wouldn't hurt to talk to somebody about that kind of stuff as well. Normal docs aren't usually the most sensitive people, so you need somebody who specializes in listening to help with those things. All that said, it took accutane to finally stop my skin problem. Some people are convinced it can do more damage by lessoning healing power while you're on it. That may be true, it may not... All I knew is that I had no choice at that point. If I didn't do something, I was going to be ruined for life. I took it. It worked. Most likely it got me through the age where it happens most. By the time the effect of the drug wore off, I still didn't have any real problems. I still use to get a couple things here and there, even in my late 30's, which was when I was doing a job I hated. I stopped that job, now I get nothing. Once again proving your mind has a lot to do with it. So 1. Get the emotions under control. 2. Get the breakouts under control. 3. Then give some thought to any marks left. Don't think about it all at once, because you're just going to drive yourself crazy. Exercise to get rid of some of that built up frustration. Expensive procedures... I wouldn't be thinking about that until the other things are under control.

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