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i know a side effect is depression/anxiety etc but i noticed at the end of my first course of accutane i was really happy, like the littlest thing would make me laugh sooo much. and this time around on accutane when i started out i was soo happy in a great mood always, laughing at everything, enjoying life.

i was relived because i had been feeling like i had low energy and lost interest in a few things that used to entertain me and i would get overwhelmed easily and let little things frustrate me and i wouldnt wanna go out to social events often. this all began about 9 months before starting the 2nd course of accutane. so i thought "oh no what if accutane makes that feeling worse!!?"

but it completely flipped my mood around! and it had nothing to do with my skin getting better because its not much better yet and i have this annoying dry spot on my left cheek that wont go away lol.

i found it odd that the medication had this effect on me.

can anyone else relate?

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I'm about a week into Accutane and I have moments of feeling a bit "foggy" and tired. Snowed in so I'm taking awesome naps. Other than that I'm completely excited about all the new changes that this drug will bring. Good and bad. Looking forward to results this summer.

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I felt a lot happier on my first course and again am happy on my second course as well. I have a history of depression but Accutane makes me feel like I have hope.

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