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acne sufferers VS non-acne sufferers

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Considering no one else found this post to be worth a respond id figure I might as well make a comment on your post Raymond.

Well I'm glad to hear that you are coping quite well with acne, but some of your comments about acne being a blessing just sound downright stupid. Nobody wants to have acne or anything that would make them less attractive to the oppostite sex and even if you are a great person beaming with good kharma, having acne on your face still sucks ass. There's a ton of psychological cons that come with it and while your idea of having a good attitude works great.... It's hard to be happy when your face looks so bad you dont want to leave your room or even talk to a female in fear you will notice disgustion in the way they look at you.

As far as everyone with acne being a kind soul or whatever is obviously false and the idea about going after the girl with acne is a kind gesture but seems dumb to me because I know ppl who dont deal with acne what so ever and are the most insecure manic depressant people I have ever met.

"as models and flawless skinned ppl search for a partner based on cash and their outward appearance"

- were do i begin...... you are making a HUGE generalization. You even mentioned going after girls with acne, how is that not searching for a partner based on outward appearence??

"I hope that you all understand my point, and begin to change your attitude towards that one person you know and like but fail to approach due to his/her appearance. it hurts being those kinds of people, and when people ignore you it is even worse. just remember, they are suffering from what you suffer from: confidence, poor self-esteem, acne (or whatever it may be), and lack of love."

- Actually their are quite a few ppl (unlike me) who can deal with acne and still maintain confidence and good self esteem.

"God Bless all u beautiful people...even you, and you."

- Ray

P.S. "You have the right attitude but your ideas dont make much sense to me and your generalizations on how ppl without/with acne act is just ridiculous.

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Alright, I'm one of those people with acne who has a very high self esteem (ok, my acne is really mild, but it still sucks). It's great that you have such a positive outlook on life and that having acne has helped you realize all that stuff. HOWEVER, you're making some broad generalizations there. Also, I really don't think that anyone would WANT to have acne. There are plenty of people who realize that there are more important things in a person than their appearance. Take me, for example, before i started breaking out! Having acne hasn't changed my outlook on life or other people one bit. This is because I've always felt that it's what's inside a person that matters. The fact that I had clear skin didn't affect this. :smile:

PS- do you think this board is the right place to have this conversation? :think:

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to be honest i started this topic with a different idea in mind but it flowed the wrong the way and by the time i was done i had realized i was totally off topic, but i figured i'd post it although it wasn't near up to par.

sorry for the huge generalizations and whoops for being dumb.

i'm deleting this topic if i can actually, but thanks to you two for relying...i guess.

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i agree with micro..for some people having acne does change their outlook on life...i had a huge ego before, and now the lord has humbled me and made me very sensitive towards other people's feelings..it still sucks though having it

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