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C E Ferulic acid is working for red marks

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I had quite moderate-severe acne throughout my teenage years, and up until I was 20, which I then changed my diet to fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, lots of green tea and stuff. I also used aloe vera on my skin everyday.

However the red marks persisted even many years later, I don't know why but it seemed the never faded and I had lots of tiny marks all over my skin. Looking in some mirrrors was horrible.

Over the last 2 months I've been using something called Skinceuticals C E Ferulic acid and by far it's the best thing that I've used to remove the marks. It seems they are all now even in color, no dark marks, and they look very small.

I found this using google image search


also some friends recommended it to me because they found it worked well. Anyway, luckily my mum bought it for me! Cost around 60 pounds but worth it... I noticed the effect within a week or so, but the real huge changes are now taking place some 2 months after I started to use it.

So i had lots of tiny red marks all over my cheeks, now.... they're just tiny dots, not visible to the camera and hardly visible in the mirror unless really close. But the redness around the dots has gone also.

Anyone else had good success with this? I'm hoping to have completely clear skin. I do have very good skin for my age (25), but just a hyperpigmentaiton Out of everything I've tried over 5 years, my red marks refused to go away... this vitamin C serum is working

EDIT: I forgot to say that a lot of creams and serums make me break out, clog my pores... this is one of a very tiny number of skin products that I can actually use. No break outs at all.

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@AliensExist, I have read great things about CE Ferulic Acid as well. I have very old acne scars that are brown and red that will not fade away because they are underneath the top layer of skin. Would CE Ferulic Acid work on my kind of scar. What type of acne scars do you have? For example, are they a mixture of brown and red scars that are underneath the skin or are they fairly new acne scars that are remaining from a recent breakout that are located on the outer layer of skin? Thanks.

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