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Sensitive skin and Organically made products

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Hi everyone!

I am new to the site, but have been reading it the past two and a half weeks. First of all, thank you Dan. I'm glad I found this and made the decision to stop praying for my skin to be clear the next morning and actually pay attention to what I was doing with it.

I am 28 years old and got a lot of cystic acne on the jawline and neck and sometimes on my cheeks. My skin had a lot of redness and inflammation to. i also got whiteheads and blackheads on my chest. My face got it the worse though. I always wear makeup so I found some of the best makeups to cover up. I hated it so much because it seriously has affected my personal relationships and dating. For example, a lot of times I wouldn't look my boyfriends in the eye and constantly kept my head down with my hair covering half my face.

I have cleared up noticeably in the last two weeks. I started with the regimen using Purpose Cleanser, Neutrogena benzoyl treatment and AHA Nonine moisturizer along with 100% organic jojoba Oil. I paid attention to the small things we tend to forget, like being gentle, waiting in between each product application, and cleaning my hands in between each time.

I had already made a dermatologist appointment prior to changing my routine. I wasn't impressed with the girl I saw because she seemed to not care that much and just go through the motions. She prescribed Aczone, Differen and Solodyn pills. I never filled the Solodyn prescription. I have changed my routine now to Desert Essence Thouroughly Clean Face Wash Aczone (pea size portion) and my moisturizer. At night I incorporate the Differen over the Aczone (once again pea size portion). I do see a even better difference with the Aczone and Differen.

The main thing I want to stress though is the use of organic products especially if you have sensitive skin. Since, I have switched to organic (except the Aczone and Differen). The Purpose cleanser was too drying to my skin because of the sodium lareth sulfate. The moisturizer I have is from Whole Foods and is organic 100%. i have also started eating organically and focusing on foods that are detoxifying. I think this has helped as well. The best thing to do is to read the ingredients on everything you buy. No parabens, no chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate. Look for 100% organic, but still check the labels. I got rid of the neutrogena benzoyl treatment because it has parabens in it. I grabbed the Clean and Clear Persa gel which I occasionally use on my back and chest.

My skin even on the back and chest has cleared a lot since I've changed my routine and use organic body washes without preservatives and chemical/detergents. I truly truly believe organic items work best. And it really just feels better. Even my boyfriend noticed and told me how soft my skin felt! It's the Hugo's Naturals Organic Lotion!

List of anti-oxidant/liver-cleansing foods that are good to have in your diet regularly:

green leafy salads


fresh juice (100% juice-no concentrates! check labels)


seeds (especially sesame seeds)



broccoli (sprouts, especially)




brussel sprouts

soybean products

fresh hers

brown rice




ORGANIC fruits and veggies (they spray pesticides over regular options)





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Hello and welcome to the org! =)

Even though this is your introduction post, you seemed to include quite a lot of information about an organic lifestyle so I'm going to move this to the holistic sub forum.

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Sounds to me you had a skin sensitivity to the things you were using.

I've used organic and natural products before and they didn't really help much. I even used home remedies, which I still think work great, depending on your skin type.

Diet has made the biggest impact to me and has kept me clear for a month, now.

If these things have worked for you, there's a chance that your acne is sort of "self induced" or exacerbated by topicals. You could consider the caveman regimen - where you only use water to wash your face with - but I imagine that only works if your acne is basically just irritation or a reaction to your products in the first place. If your acne cause is internal (most cases probably are), just stick to your diet because there's also a huge chance that it's the main reason your skin is clearing up.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad to here you are finally clearing up. Diet is huge when it comes to acne. Living a healthier lifestyle and consuming a healthier diet is all it takes to have clear skin! It is EASY and incredibly REWARDING!

You have provided some useful information about diet and acne as well. Thanks for that! It will help a lot of people.

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