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How long does it take BP to asorb into the skin?

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Here is my problem. Even after using a modified regimen (BP once per day, moisturizing and cleansing 2x per day) the skin on my forehead becomes inherently itchy a little while after applying BP. I've tried different moisturizers and jojoba oil after BP application as well. I've tried in the past cutting BP application down to every other day, to no avail.

Last night I applied BP. I usually allow about 10-12 minutes before applying moisturizer next, which I did. I would say about 10-15 minutes after that, my forehead (which is where my acne is) was TERRIBLY itchy! I couldn't stand it, so I washed my face again. It felt great after that. It is itchy today, but nowhere near what it was last night.

So my question is, will BP still be effective if I wash my face about 20-30 min after applying it?

If not, I need another alternative to BP, apparently, my skin and it does not get along.

For what it's worth, BP has been great in preventing acne and pimples on all other areas of my face, with no itchiness. I only have a problem with my forehead.


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Part of why The Regimen works so well is that there's always BP on your skin, creating oxygen and killing off bacteria. If you wash the BP off, you're going to lose the benefit of using the BP.

Have you tried using a different brand of BP? And how long have you been using BP? Sometimes people get itchy skin early on, but the itching should subside as the skin adjusts.

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I initially started with a 10% BP acne gel when I read about the regimen. That lasted about 3 days because it dried my skin out and made my face tight. I then purchases Dan's BP here, I would sometime around June or July of 2009. Recently (past 2 months or so) is when this problem began.

If I can't substitute BP, is there some other (better) combination of oil/moisturizer to try? Also - I've cut the application of BP down to about the size of a pea for my forehead.


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Is it winter where you are? My skin's always much dryer and more itchy in the winter. Could that have anything to do with it?

Also, some people find that applying a thin layer of jojoba oil before applying BP helps. Maybe you could give that a shot?

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Yup, winter is in full swing, I'm in PA! That was my next bet, doing jojoba oil before BP. I'll give it a shot for sure!!! :) Thanks!

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