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I broke out again, & Question

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So I broke out last night. I am not sure from what, probably because I drank no water and laid in bed the last 2 days. (that's another story)

But, what if I do not squeeze or pop? What If i just ignore it and the pressure of the pimple(s) and just keep medicating with BP and doing the regimen?

Will the acne subside and go away? Does the infection (pus or w/e) need to come out? Does it have to be popped before it will start to heal? Will it just dry up and fall off over time?

I feel like my acne has never been that bad my entire life but I have picked and popped and squeezed for years, and the scars are bad. Nothing like pits, but much much discoloration and purple, red, brown marks...

i want to not pick the acne at all and just tottally ignore it since i think i will be getting a host job at red lobster and appearances probably mean a lot. Would this be a good idea?

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well so much for that, i just picked a whole lot..i didnt want to but i dont kno wat came over me lol...atleast its not a daily thing ..i am just going to keep trying to stop picking and just keep on my regimen..another question tho...

when i was picking i squeezed my nose and a lot of like pores had stuff in them, w/e acne is..and it seemed like a whole lot and my chin as well.....can a product do this? like mositerizers? or putting on a lot of aha/mositurizer/BP?

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