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Scared out of my mind

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Hey guys, well heres my story/rant... About 3 months ago i had a nasty break out so i decided to go on accutane, about 10 days into it i started to get a nasty breakout which i had no idea was supposed to happen... i stopped taking it and about a week later my skin was looking better then ever. But unfortunately my acne came back worse then ever... and now im just so sick of it that i decided to start back up on the remaining 20 days worth of accutane pills i have but of course will go for the whole 3 month period, longer if needed. I have one quick question... when i stopped taking the pills my break out stopped pretty quickly, did it stop because i stopped taking it or because that was the end of the break out? The breakout lasted about a week. Also I have to say i was looking at the before and after pictures, and i gotta say KUDOS, my acne is not nearly as bad (no offense) as the ones in the picture but i know what you guys had to go through and have alot of respect for you guys for sticking it out. Good job. Finally should i expect the same results? to break out like no other? I heard some people dont break out at all. Iv already canceled most of my face to face classes in college to spare my self, guess ill just take a semester off. My major concern is work...

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Usually, it's the dermatologist to decide how much you need, what you need and when you need it. Initial Breakouts are the most common 'side-effect (it isn't really)' of the medicine and I can't believe you didn't know about it since it's stated everywhere...

Don't do irrational things.

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