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Anyone tried quitting antibiotics?

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I'm trying to quit my doxy because in all honesty, I've been on antibiotics for like 2 and 1/2 years and that makes me uneasy. So I'm going to see what happens when I quit them..does anyone have any stories or suggestions about quitting antibiotics?

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Well, if you're lucky then the years of antibiotic therapy may have reduced or (cross your fingers) eliminated your acne problem, and you may go a long time without it coming up again.

On the other hand, you might just go right back to breaking out. There's no way to know for sure until it happens, although frankly, I suspect that break outs are more likely (acne is a stubborn little bugger, unfortunately).

Honestly, if the drugs are still working, and your doctor isn't concerned, and you haven't had any serious side effects, why tempt fate by quitting now?

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i've tried quitting twice, and usually after a few months there is a gap between getting my medication again.. like a month or so.

every time it comes back very gradually, once its left my system - and by the end of about 1 month it goes back to being like when i was 15, full severity.

i've been on antibiotics for probably 7 years on and off for it. (done the accutain thing as well)

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I stopped taking Bactrim after 2 years of regular usage last summer. The first two weeks, I noticed no difference. Then I started breaking out worse than I had in years.

To be honest, the Bactrim had pretty much worn off anyway and wasn't working anymore. I was already starting to breakout pretty bad again while I was still taking it. But I think the fact that I stopped it so suddenly made me breakout more severely than I would have had I tapered off of it better.

Oh well. You live and learn.

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