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claraxrox accutane journey 27/f/asian

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Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here. :surprised:

I will be starting Accutane on the 17th of this month. I'm SOOOO excited!!

Here is my situation:

I am 27 years old (28 in April) and I've been struggling with acne since 18. I had a very mild case of acne, a pimple here and there, until about 2 years ago. I started breaking out all over my face and chest. I took tetracycline for about a month and I cleared up very nicely. I was clear for 6 months...and then about a year and a half ago, I broke out worse than before. There wasn't a clear spot on my face! I had pimples everywhere (even on my eyebrows). I took antibiotics for 4 months, and it did not help at all. My doctor told me about Accutane and so I did some research on my own over the internet. Most of the information available online about Accutane is pretty negative and scary.


I wasted more than a year trying to "cure" my acne on my own and trying useless products and "acne free" regimes because I was scared of Accutane. I told myself that Accutane would be my last resort..and here i am! *FINGERS CROSSED*

I have so many questions!! Your insight would be greatly appreciated!

Is there a moisturizer besides Cetaphil that will help with dry skin?

I'm so scared my hair will fall out! What will help with that?? I heard Nioxin is a good brand for that. Has anyone tried it???

I'm so excited!!! I've read some of the accutane logs and they are so helpful! :)

I will post pictures up of my face as soon as I start Accutane. ;)

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That's great new that you're starting Accutane! I'm currently on Week 2! From your story, I think you made the right decision for yourself.

From what I've read, I think that Cetaphil moisturizer (and the generic versions) will work great for your dry skin. I've also heard Cerave is also good, but I haven't tried it myself! I'm currently using Cetaphil and have no issues, although I haven't started to dry out yet.

Welcome to the board!

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That's great new that you're starting Accutane! I'm currently on Week 2! From your story, I think you made the right decision for yourself.

From what I've read, I think that Cetaphil moisturizer (and the generic versions) will work great for your dry skin. I've also heard Cerave is also good, but I haven't tried it myself! I'm currently using Cetaphil and have no issues, although I haven't started to dry out yet.

Welcome to the board!

Thank you so much for the reply! Good luck on your Accutane journey! I will be following your log very closely. Here's to clear skin!!!

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Day 1

I just took my first Claravis 40mg pill today! I will have to take another 40mg pill tonight.

I'm getting really worried about the initial breakout I will soon have to encounter. People who are on a lower dosage experience pretty heavy IB...i wonder how bad mine will be on 80mg/ day. Hopefully not too bad. :)

As of right now, my skin is super super oily. You I could squeeze the oil from my face, I could probably fry chicken with the oil. :redface: Okay that was kinda gross. The dry skin side effect will be good for me.

I can't wait for clear skin. I've been having dreams about having clear skin and not having to cake my makeup. Ah... freedom.

I'm used to having a glass of wine with dinner every night, so not being able to drink alchohol is a real bummer. I'm already missing my strawberry mojitos, the tequila shots, beer, grey goose and cranberry, margaritas...yeah. But for the sake of clear skin, I can do it!!! :)

I have posted some pictures up of my face. My acne is SEVERE, as you can see.

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Day 4

My lips are starting to flake and my face is flaking a little bit also. The medicine is working!! Yay! I can't wait for clear skin. My face looks a lot better...to me at least. Except for the huge cyst on my right cheek. My chest area is breaking out. Ugh! I hate that. I'm going to have to wear turtlenecks until it clears up.

I've been waking up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep. This was never the case before. Could it be from taking claravis? I don't know. Last night my head started to itch..a lot. Yuck! Guess I'm going to have to start the Jojoba oil treatment sooner than I thought!

I'll be going to a birthday party on Saturday ... hope I don't get too tempted to take a shot! :D

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Day 8

My lips are very very dry. The corners of my mouth almost ripped while yawning. Ouch! Don't notice much difference on the face. Feels a little tighter than usual but nothing too drastic. My head is a totally different story. IT ITCHES LIKE CRAZY! I can't stop scratching my head! And the dandruff is terrible! I've been using jojoba oil to treat my scalp, but doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. What to do!!!

I decided to change my lifestyle by eating right and joining the gym. :) Good luck to me!

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sorry that the sideaffects are hitting hard :(

what are you using for your lips? have you tried aquaphor? It works well for me!

and maybe neutrogena's T-gel for your scalp, i personally haven't tried but i've heard it helps

hope everything gets better soon! :)

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Day 11

Day 11 and my face is still oily all around. I was expecting my face to be extremely dry and flaky by now. My lips are a killer tho! It's sooo dry. I'm using Burt's Bees lip balm and it's working quite well. I like it. My face is getting pretty red. I went to a spin class the other day (which kicked my ass!) and my face was as red as a tomato! LOL. I heard Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion is good for this. Input would be great!

I woke up with an enormous headache the other day, which scared me a little. I will discuss that with my derm. I have so many scars on my face. I read somewhere that you can't get laser treatment or dermabrasion for 6 years after accutane, which worries me cuz i definitely need some kind of treatment done to get rid of the scars! Is that true? ANyone?

My scalp is extremely dry and itchy. ARG! *scratchscratch* I am currently using Nexxus Therappe shampoo and Humectress conditioner. It leaves my hair wonderfully soft and full of volume. I LOVE IT. It's a bit pricey but definitely worth it! I paid around $49.00 total for the big bottles at Costco. I highly recommend it for anyone with dry hair.

Everyone is telling me my face looks a lot clearer. I guess I should be grateful that they're trying to be nice and supportive...cuz my face is not any clearer! All of my friends have PERFECT skin. Arg. Lucky biatches.

By the way, I don't have insurance so I am paying for all of this out of my pocket. :cry:

30-day supply of Claravis (80 mg/ daily) is costing me $487.72 at Walmart. The lab test costs $99.60 a month. The derm appt. costs around $100 per visit. That's $700.00 a month! OMG. I better be acne free for the rest of my life after this!! :P *crossing finger*

**lets_dance: Thanks for the encouragement! I went to to a Rite Aid yesterday to get Aquaphor, but they were out. :( I will go to Walgreens tonight to get it.

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oh my gosh girl - i cant believe u are paying out of pocket!!! get some insurance girl - COBRA! hehe. I hope this journey is AMAZING for you!! I have been using just that head in shoulders dandruff shampoo and its been okay - i think it MIGHT be drying out my hair too much so im trying to not wash every day. the drying of the face, for me, seems to be the last thing that is happening so be patient - the oil will disappear soon! yay! I hope u dont get an IB - i have mine now and argh, so pissed!!!

Ill be watching your progress and GOOD LUCK - here's to kicking acnes ASS!!!

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Day 17

Day 17! Wow! It's been more than 2 weeks since the last time I had a glass of wine. I decided not to drink at all while on accutane. Don't wanna be too harsh on my liver. :)

Face is drying out finally! Not too bad right now tho. Just really grateful I don't look like a human oil slick anymore. My face looks great! 1 new cyst right next to my right eyebrow. Other than that just small pimples here and there. I have a HUGE cyst on my lower back which is a first for me. It hurts!! I use BareMinerals and I absolutely love it. It covers up the redness and the blemishes so well! I'm still red, by the way.

My hair is not as oily as before, so I don't have to wash it everyday. :) The downside is that it itches like a mofo! I have a rash on top of both my hands. It's not too bad. I can deal with it.

I've been sick for the past 4 days!!! Arg.

My accutane journey so far is good! Why didn't i start earlier!! Well at least I started. :)

***readytosmileagain: Thanks for the advice! Hope my redness goes away soon! :) As for insurance...I should have gotten insurance before starting accutane . T.T

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Day 26

I went to my derm appt today. She said everything, including labs, look great. :) YAY! I was kinda worried about my labs. Happy to know that I'm still healthy enough to take accutane! I asked my derm about the scars and such and she informed me that the scars will probably go away. That's the 2nd best news I've heard today. First good news being that I got my asking price for my car from the dealer!!!! YAY! Things are going well today. Hope it stays that way!

My face is looking great. I thought it would take longer than 1 month for my face to clear up, but I think I got lucky and maybe dodged the IB. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The rash on my hand is almost gone. My lips are still very dry. Thank goodness for Aquaphor. My scalp is still dry but not as itchy as before. The derm said the dandruff should be gone by month 2. YeSS! Can't wait. I can't wear dark clothes cuz of the dandruff. Yuck! I had 1 nose bleed so far. It wasn't too bad.

So far, I am very very glad I decided to give accutane a try. :)

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Day 38

My face is oily again! WTF. I don't think this is normal. I called my derm and the nurse told me she'll call me back after she talks to the derm. UGH! I was enjoying the dryness. :(

I think i'm finally getting the dreaded IB. I'm breaking out around my chin. Everything's so shiny again! UGGHH!

The rash on my hand is getting worse. It hurts! I get cuts so easily now.

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