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shot myself in the foot

updated my log yesterday and today noticed that this red bump that had been there a few days was in fact a deep spot :doh:

i saw a small white head on it and all day it had been itching ( you know that feeling)

got home and was fairly stressed anyway and so thought id give it a go. nothing happend when i applied pressure. so held warm compress against it, tried again. nothing, again squeezed and success (if you can call it that) string of white shizzle came out, then i washed the area with the cloth and applied aloe vera gel, wiped it clean, then applied propolis, repeated this a few times. also applied azeliac acid before finally leaving a small film of bee propolis on it then went to the gym to pump the iron and reduce anger..

got home and had a shower, cleaned face in shower, then when i got out i touched it and noticed it still felt like something was brewing. so got out shower, looked in mirror and squeezed said spot again. this time though just juice and blood ran out of it, so i guess its cleared its just wounded

then after i did this i splashed my face lots of times to clean it and the area as to not spread bacteria. after, towel patted my face dry and continued to apply my bee propolis with added aloe vera (natural anti septic and anti fungal etc )

right now a blob of skinoren (azeliac acid is sitting right ontop of the bstard)

i am hoping this will reduce the size and redness of it, azeliac acid works well on my chest so thought meh why not.

:( and i was doing so well until this thing came along.

my worries are,

when i squeezed it out of the shower the second time and juice/blood ran out it dribbled onto some other areas of my cheeks, will this cause a break out?

I cleansed right away after so I hope not.

so now im going to be left with a red mark for a bit and its so annoying cause it was what i call an inevitable spot, the ones that leave the same red mark when you pop them as those that leave the same mark when you leave them. its a lose lose

not related to this event, but WHY do i get se-metrical spots, like if i get one on my right cheek about 3 days later i will get one on the left cheek in the identical place. wtf is up with that. does this mean anything?

many many thanks for reading please help if you can

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Yeah I hate those ones...using the bp method I described in the other thread they always come to a head several times...its so annoying. Sqeezing these too much though can fuck up your face. When I get these ones now, after they come to a small white head I leave them 12+ hours before popping otherwise you'll get that awful watery/bloody dribble as you aptly described it. Seriously uncool.

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Ouch... Well, first of all: it's too late to start worrying, that won't make things any better. Looks like you've done what you can so far. Just keep a close eye on it. I know it sucks, but really man, don't stress. Just keep putting the aloe and stuff on it, maybe ice it. I hope it'll be gone soon!

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I have the same problem, if i breakout on one side, chances are i will break out in the same spot but other side.. Weird, glad its not just me that that happens to

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cheers guys, yeah ive doctored it as much as i can, now just got to deal with the redness again.

today noticed another small white head on my jaw line and another pustule on my neck (where i used to get them a long time ago..) which is strange cause its been ages since i have had a spot crop up on my neck on the right hand side.

maybe its because past two days ive eaten tomato, which apparently i am sensitive to.

or it may be that i have been eating a very high carb diet as of late plus lots of weight gaining powder which consists of the following ingredients >

Container Size: 2720g

Serving Size: 5 scoops (136g)

Servings Per Container: 20

Container Size: 5400g

Serving Size: 5 scoops (136g)

Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 482

Protein: 52g

Total Carbohydrates: 50g

-Sugars: 3g

-Dietary Fiber: 2.2g

Fat: 8.2g

-Saturates: 2.6g

-Polyunsaturates: 3.6g

-Monounsaturates: 2g

Zinc: 15mg

Magnesium: 225mg

Copper: 750ug

Vitamin C: 100mg

Vitamin B6: 5.25mg

Chromium: 200ug

Calcium: 301mg

Sodium: 123mg

Potassium: 390mg

Digezyme: 50mg

Lactospore: 50m/spores


Protein blend (Micro filtered whey protein concentrate & cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate (43% ß- Lactoglobulin, 18% Glycomacropeptide, 16% Lactoferrin & Others, 15% a- Lactalbumin, 5% Immunoglobulin, 3% Serum Albumin, milk protein concentrate (80% micellar casein / 20% whey), Digezyme®(digestive enzyme blend, Lactospore® pro-biotics)), organic oats, activated organic barley, cocoa powder(choc flavour only), flavourings, carboxymethyl cellulose, zinc/magnesium aspartate, zinc l-monomethionine, natural colouring, ascorbic acid, artificial sweeteners (sucralose, acelsulfame k), copper chelate, pyrodoxine hydrocholride, chromium chelate

what do you think?

thanks guys

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