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everythings working but the acne

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hey guys. i thought i had mild acne compared to other pictures i have seen on here. i have been on the regimen a month tomarow and it probably is the best thing ive used in about 10 years of acne. my oil production seems down and thats great. my old acne is fading and alot of my skin is smooth. i feel good but not 100% confident. i keep geting new acne, this even isnt that bad because the bp makes the acne go away alot quicker. i just got a huge red bump on my chin. i was prety p'oed because i thought it be a week or 2 before it even started to fade. its basicly gone in about 2 days. this makes me happy except now i got another one forming. so i have everything taking care of except new pimmples keep forming. anyone experience this too?fallowing the result pages i shouldt be geting new breakouts at this stage. im sure someone has had the same results after the same amount of time as me. when can i expect to be breakout free assuming im doing everything right. my old acne fading has made me real anxious to get completely acne free. thanks guys :dance:

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I guess double check that you're following the regimen and assess whether or not there could be other causes like stress or bad foods. I'd wait another couple months before losing faith in the regimen. Also, I remember reading advice somewhere about stopping pimples and such before they pop up to the surface, I think there's a product for that. Maybe ask around, I think the AHA helps? Least if used as a spot treatment? I'd double check that or experiment with it but yeah.

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