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2nd Month On Dans Regiment

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So, I have mild acne w/ bad hyperpigmentation and the regiment was my last try before accutane(have my accutane appt the 14th, probably won't go) have had GREAT results on the stuff...surprisingly..I havent gotten a pimple in 2 weeks(knocks on wood) but I have 1 issue and thats moisturizing...I have pretty dry skin so I use a crapload of jojoba oil and 2 pumps at night but around my eyes is red, I think i am dragging the bp but im not sure..so my question to you all is...is it ok to use vaseline puetrolem jelly around my eyes?....I love the stuff. As good as 2 pumps and 12 drops of jojobo is at night i have certain spots that i dab some vaseline on and it works great. I put a light coat on my foreahead and the sides of my nose and around my lips..I just moved to boston so its freezing here and those areas are always dry untill i started using the vaseline...that combo with dans moisturizer n the jojobo is powerfull but like i said is it ok to put around the eyes?

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Try moisturizing or applying petroleum jelly around your eyes before applying your BP, and when you moisturize afterward, be careful to avoid your eye area.

The skin around your eyes is about ten times thinner than the skin elsewhere on your face, so it's very sensitive, and it's entirely possible that you're dragging BP onto that sensitive skin when you moisturize.

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yeah i was thinking of trying that also...living in cali and switching to boston is rough on my skin...i might just use vaseline on my entire face. today its like 15 degrees here with a mean wind chill and im outside alot doing landscaping.

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I'm from Chicago, and I lived in Connecticut for a few years, so I know how harsh winters can be on your skin. I really hope the Vaseline helps. I can't stand how dry my skin gets when the weather's like this. : P

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