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Yoga to treat acne

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Has anybody tried the yoga cleansing of bowl method to get rid of acne? So, basically i was reading acne free in 3 days guide, all he talks about is cleaning the internal bowel by flushing the toxins in the body using apples. I was thinking cleansing the internal bowl systems using yoga. So, this week i will try the yoga method by Yogi Ashwini Dhyan([url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqmqkr4nasU]

Let me know if anybody else has tried?

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The "Acne Free in 3 Days" is mostly a rip-off. A cleansing will work but only for a matter of days; it isn't a long term solution. Your acne will only come back in a matter of time and you'll be stuck having to do this cleansing and apple diet over and over again.

As for yoga, I do believe that helps to a certain extent. Yoga helps in balancing the body systems so that the hormone imbalances are corrected. It also can boost your metabolism and overall bodily functions, such as a bowel movement. I also practice yoga and other exercises but not because of acne. I simply enjoy it and like to keep myself healthy.

If your acne is severe, I doubt you'll see much of a difference. If it's mild...might help! Anything is worth a shot either way, just don't expect a miracle here. :)

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Latest Update

I did the peeth cleansing(intestine cleansing) method of yoga on the weekend. Here is it how it works Prepare 8 glasses of water and add 1 table spoon salt in a luke warm water. Drink 2 glasses of water and then do the 5 yoga steps he mentioned in the video 7 times and then again drink 2 glasses of water + 5 yoga steps , and then again 2 glasses + 5 yoga steps and then finally 2 more glasses + 5 yoga steps. After u have done with it u will feel lot of pressure on ur intestine, at this time go to the washroom and just sit on the flush and let all the toxins flow out of ur body(there is no need to push hard).

When i did it , I felt lot relieved as i removed lot of stool and also my stomach felt very light. Acne wise it's too early to see any improvement, but will keep u guys updated on my condition.

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