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full face pic of scaring need help and suggestions

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I have done TCA PEELS and I think are completely useless I like the revitalize peels better sort of the same as Jessners I guess but they provide GREAT results for me. I have also spent almost 4000 dollars on Fraxel the first was great the others were a nightmare as the settings got higher left my face shades dark than my neck with minimal improvement if any. Now that my skintone has returnd to normal well its been about 2 years since my color has lightened up. I was just recently laid off and im just concentrating on school full time and since I have all this free time and n ot having to work I wanted to get serious about my scars. Ok I never take such close up pics this pic is old about a year old I was heavier and im about 30lbs lighter and im ready to get rid of these damn forhead and temple scars. Anyone have any suggestions? Please guys i really need your guidance I have a consultation coming up with wedofaces.com supposedly hes the best in Orlando.

my skin a year ago, the main scars are still apparent what treatments would be good LASER SUCK(but not for some)! so im thinking dermabrasion?god I cant beleive im posting this hot mess pic here goes:

this is how I look from a farther distance obviously this pic is new since i slimmed down and I photoshoped my scars a little

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We need to see the current condition of your skin today, not last year! Because a lot could have changed since then, especially since you had done Fraxel. Second, please do not photoshop anything! We need to see your skin as is, otherwise you won't get any useful advice from us.

So with that said, take some new pictures of your scars in different angles (targeting your forehead and temples) and in better lighting (for depth) and without any photoshop editing (goes without saying), so we can actually analyse the severity of your scarring. Your gonna piss off a lot of people in this forum with your pictures, especially that second photo!

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Your gonna piss off a lot of people in this forum with your pictures, especially that second photo!

I just laughed, alot. Why on earth would you show us a photo that has been photoshopped, lol.

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