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Unlimited IPL for $200!!

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Hey everyone.Since 16 I've had mild acne with a couple cysts thrown into the mix(genetics). My evil derm decided to help combat the cysts and prescribed me Ziana, Triaz and Doxy...well after about 10 weeks my acne got worse. No more cysts but a ton of flesh colored and some red inflamed bumps on my forehead and now my cheeks(never had acne on cheeks). IMO the Triaz is too harsh(6% BP) and I'm not sure I needed a retinoid in the first place. Anyway, I halted all three products and am going straight to IPL. My acne seems to be under control now, just as it was before I started the topicals, but I've been left with a shiz ton of red marks and PIH. In case you didn't want to read that wall o' text, the title says it all. My insurance is covering my IPL and all I have to do is pay a $200 copay and I get unlimited IPL. I will be getting them weekly. I had my second one yesterday and I've seen a slight improvement in the redness thus far. I will keep my progress updated. FYI my first treatment was on 13 joules and my second was on 15 joules. I will be upping it by 2 joules each treatment until I reach 21 and then will stop on that. I'll get before and after pics when I can. If you have any questions on cost, how the treatment works, what it feels like don't be afraid to ask and thanks for reading.

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