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Should I stop using Ziana

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I have been using Ziana for a month now, have seen a little increase on being better. What I have noticed is its leaving Very red marks where I broke out. I have 8 red marks on my face. When I wasnt taking anything I never had marks like this. I dont know whats worse have a couple break outs that clear about a week w/o the real red.. Or having these red marks..... Any advice, suggestions

I will pry stick it out a little longer just because they say it can take 3 mts to work, but who knows maybe I am one of them where its not going to work.


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What are the possible side effects with ZIANA Gel?

* Skin irritation. ZIANA Gel may cause skin irritation such as dryness, redness, peeling, burning, or stinging. If your skin becomes very red, swollen, blistered, or crusted, stop using ZIANA Gel and call your doctor.

* Change in skin color. ZIANA Gel may cause a temporary skin color change (lighter or darker).

* Colitis. This occurs rarely. If you develop severe watery diarrhea, or bloody diarrhea, stop using ZIANA Gel and call your doctor.

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Dont stop trust me im clear now with ziana and my red marks are fading.

So how long b4 you seen results, I am trying to patiently wait. Its been 5/6 wks so I would think pretty soon I would see something.. I still am getting break outs.. Some people say they see a difference 4 wks others longer.. :think:

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THanks for replying.. This will be a long 10 wks.. LOL I just cant beleive how red my spots are, is that normal with retinoils? Thank god for makeup otherwise I would never leave the house..

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I started Ziana 3 weeks ago. Acne is the worst! How long have you guys been clear? How is it working for you? Did you get great long term result?

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