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This is not really my problem, but somebody asked me about back acne (for her boyfriend) since I had mentioned about Fraxel to her. I don't know what kind of scars he has, but she told me it's either like enlarged pores or maybe hyperpigmentation from back acne.

I wouldn't want to tell her to get Fraxel for the back since it's expensive....

Anybody here maybe can recommend peels? I was thinking maybe some spot TCA, and/or lactic acid for a more general application?

Thinking of getting some from perfectcomplection since I got it from that company before (I think Julie is the owner?)

Any inputs? suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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My daughter has been using Dan's AHA about 3 times a week. It's not a profound immediate difference, but gradually the hyperpigmentation is improving. We are both too afraid of a peel for her.

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Peels are much too mild for any type of serious scarring. I know from experience. I have done about seven 40% GA peels and it helped slightly with hyperpigmentation and that's pretty much it. the indents are still there. Have you looked into subcision?

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Thanks both for your answers. NO I have not looked into subcision. I'd actually would recommend peels to her first before any invasive procedures. Plus I think subscicion is not really available in my area for some reason.

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