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To the start of a new decade: no acne

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Hello all.

Some background information:

I have been a lurker of these forums for quite a long while now. I have followed blogs and researched treatments for our persistent disease off and on for about a month. I would classify my acne as a moderate case, with anywhere from 5-10 active pimples at any given time. A major problem I have is the residual redness after a pimple. The redness lasts anywhere from a month to 6 months + after the actual pimple. I am hoping Finacea will help with this. I am an 18 year old male who has just finished his first semester of university. Being a uni student with acne is quite hard both physically and psychologically. I have been a social person throughout grade school, even with the social stigmas of pimples, but I feel that my acne is now interfering with my outlook on almost everything in my life. I always wish that my face is clearer when I go out with friends, or hide out when I've popped some pimples (with a proper extractor). I have bottled comments about my face, and spent a lot of money on useless treatments. I feel these little nuances that I am doing because of my acne are stopping me from fully enjoying my youth. It doesn't help that I am the last one of my friends to rid myself of large breakouts.

Until now I have not seriously combatted my condition. My dad had bad acne like mine when he was a kid but he said he grew out of it by the 2nd year of university. I am not prepared to wait an additional 2 years before I outgrow my pimples. That is why I am starting this log to get serious with myself and my battle.

Past failures:

Differin + Minocyclin

Differin + AHA w/ topical anti-biotic



Derma-E Clear Skin

Before this regimen I have been on a weeks worth of antibiotics (for my wisdom teeth). P. bacteria seem to be less resistant to pencillin so my face has become much calmer. I have been on no other supplements for the past month and have only been using hydrogen peroxide on major pimples.

My new regimen is going to combat my acne from both internal and external approaches.




Vitamin A: 10,000 IU + 2,500 IU (multivitamin) /day

Vitamin B5: 3 g + 35 mg (multi) /day

Zinc: 50mg + 30 mg (multi) /day

Selenium: 200 mcg + 100 mcg (multi) /day

Vitamin C: 2 g + 175 mg (multi) / day

Calcium: 350 mg + 125 mg (multi) / day

Magnesium: 175 mg + 63 mg (multi) / day

Vitamin D: 3000 I.U. + 600 (multi) / day

Topical Treatments:

Clearasil Oily Skin Cleanser (2 times/ day) Note: Replaced water face washes after day 2

Finacea (alternate mornings / every night)

Sulphacet-R (alternate mornings)

Hydrogen Peroxide (occasional large pimple)

Wish me luck.

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Day 0:

Finished the last of the antibiotics.

Put on Finacea for the night.

Start supplements tomorrow.

Number of visible whiteheads: 7

Redness level: 9 (out of 10)

Hydrogen Peroxide is for scarring? Or hydrogen peroxide causes scarring?

Hydrogen Peroxide is like B. Peroxide in its method of killing p. bacteria. It oxidizes everything around your skin including the bacteria (killing it). Causes premature aging though.

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Day 2:

All supplements taken.

Made a niacinamide cream using an old sunscreen + niacinamide. The approximate % of niacinamide is 5%. It is a grainy creme (due to the niacinamide) which adds a little exfoliation to the skin care regimen.

Skin is looking a lot better all of the sudden. The redness and pimples are truly shrinking by the hour. As I started this regimen I had a huge zit on my left cheek. It is now only a red mark fading. The 1st day into the treatment I developed a huge zit on my left temple. It is now inactive and not painful.

Redness level: 8

Active Pimples: 6

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Day 3 & 4:

All supplements taken. Using niacinamide cream 2x daily. I have noticed that my skin has become more oily as I use the moisturizer. I will try and use less. No large pimples forming.

Redness level: 8 - This ordinal scale does not provide enough information. The redness left from problematic areas from months ago is fading very very quickly. Every day it looks much better. However, the regimen has seemed to also shorten the white-head, active period of my pimples. A large, painful pimple will stay on my face for a much shorter duration. The smaller pimples last only 1 or 2 days now, the bigger ones last 3-4. Now the residual red marks are becoming prominent. Those will be the true test of the regimen.

Active pimples: Large: 2 Small: 4

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Day 5 & 6:

All supplements taken. No niacinamide cream at night. Going to the dermatologist tomorrow to try and find a professionally prepared niacinamide cream or gel which will be less oily. Until then I am not using the cream at all.

No noticeable changes in skin. At Day 8 I will take pictures of skin to create a photo log.

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Day 7:

First day back at university. Didn't get much sleep so my frustration with my skin may be augmented by my increased stress levels. Found out that applying a thin layer of Finacea over my face will not make it itch, but additional Finacea rubed into "bad" spots on top of the thin layer initiates moderate to high levels of itch/sting. I sorta like the feeling though, makes me think its working.

At the dermatologists today I was prescribed Sulphacet-R or something spelt similarly to that. To incorporate it into my regimen I am going to alternate between Finacea and sulphacet in the morning while continuing to use Finacea at night each day.

I also found out that Azelaic acid is not sold in Canada (according to my dermatologist) so I am going to instruct a family friend of mine going back to Australia at the end of January to pick up some more Finacea to last me until the end of the year.

Tomorrow I will take pictures to start the weekly log. I am not counting pimples or closely examining redness level. Too much wasted time.

EDIT: Dermatologist also refuted studies related to B5 and Niacinamide topically applied. Said they were poorly done and did not use large enough studies. I am not going to pursue those topicals until after 12 weeks under this regimen.

Edited by Noseey

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Day 8:

I will take the photos always in the morning when I wake up. It will be in natural white light as this does not hide redness or pimples.



So far I am not pleased with the results. Let's hope time will change this.

.. I don't know why these photos are not showing up. Will try and fix this tonight. Off to school now.

Edited by Noseey

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Day 9:

Huge outburst of whiteheads. I have a feeling these whiteheads were going to come out of my face regardless of regimen. They had been brewing for many weeks. Hopefully after these guys disappear it will be smooth sailing. Hopefully.

All I can say right now is: fuck acne.

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Day 10 + Day 11:

Day 10: All supplements taken. Started using sulpha drug. 2x in morning and afternoon and Finacea at night.

Day 11: No supplements taken because I went clubbing and couldn't bring them along to the girls place I was staying at. Used Finacea 2x today.

Face is feeling amazing now. Don't really know why. I have given up trying to describe my face's progress. Will post pic in 3 days.

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Day 13: All supplements taken.

Couldn't resist the urge to pop the major pimples on my face and take out some blackheads on my nose. I feel vindicated in destroying those little bastards that have destroy segments of my social life. Hopefully they will be healed for picture day tomorrow. If not I'll take the picture the day after or something so as to not obscure the progress.

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Day 17:

Everything is going as usual. Been a couple days since I've hit the boards. Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted a progression pic for week 2. Well, as I have stated above, I succumbed to semi-professionally popping my pimples (with an aesthetician's needle) and as this fell on the Day 14 picture I felt it would not be representative of my face's progression. To make matters worse, one of my "pockets" where a wisdom tooth was extracted has become infected. This is probably the worst part about wisdom teeth removal. The actual 2 weeks of ridiculous face swelling is not bad at all. There is minimal to no pain. But infections of the gum are horrible. Pain is severe enough to limit one's ability to chew and facial swelling has recurred. Tomorrow I will go to the surgeon to get some prescriptions or medicated gauze or something to help it heal. Expect some pics up immediately following its recovery.

Only issue with skin's healing right now: dryness. Finacea will dry your skin if using it in the winter without a moisturizer. I found that out the hard way. Now I am using an oil free moisturizer on top of Finacea.

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