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Just wanted to vent a little.

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Okay so... I'm 15 and I've had acne since I was 12. It was never too bad... from 12 - 14 years old I'd only have like, 3 pimples at one time at most.

But this past summer I broke out a lot... got it under control with a soap that had BP in it, and a toner with SA, and spot treatments....

everything was great. my classmates have seen my clear skin and nothing else.

but then, two weeks before winter break started... my skin broke out. not too bad - two/three zits on one cheek, one on the other.

the day before winter break, my cheeks exploded with zits! TEN on one, four on the other. they have stayed that way... it's Dec 29th today. and my situation got worse. i woke up with four or five new zits.

I've been spot treating them and everything. I've had guests over - they came yesterday at 7:00 pm. it's been over 24 hours and i still haven't left my room to greet them.

my parents are so mad at me. all i can do is sit here and cry like a baby... when I can't even look at own my face in the mirror, how can I let other people look at me?

I haven't even left my house in... 9 days! I feel like crying all the time.... I'm CONSTANTLY looking for quick fixes for my breakout.

I CANNOT go to school like this. The thought of it terrifies me. I have nightmares about it... and school starts in 5 days :'(

My friends have never seen my skin this bad. Ever. I've only been 100% clear to them, and I just can't let them see me like this.....

I've been endlessly praying to God, too. Asking him to just let me wake up in the morning and see clear skin. And when I look in the mirror... it's either the same, or even worse. And a few days ago I woke up with a cystic pimple on my cheek! I NEVER get cystic pimples! :'( It will take so long to go away, and I really, honestly don't have that kind of time.

My biggest thing is that I just need someone to console me. My parents don't understand, and they say I'm acting like a crazy person.. "it's just pimples" they say. But it's so much more.

The guests outside are talking about me... about why I won't come out of my room....

My holidays have been completely and totally RUINED. This is the worst holiday I've ever had. I wonder what I've done to deserve this.

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You've come to the right place, everyone here has been where you are at some point, I think.

It might be time for you to stop just spot treating and try the regimen, that might help. And since you have a few days left of winter break, you have time to experiment with some makeup to make your breakout more bearable for you. When I have a breakout and can't hole up in my room, I play up my eyes and lips to draw attention away from my acne.

Just knowing you're not alone is sometimes reassuring. Give it time and try not to stress about it. Coming here to vent is a good thing! Take care.

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hey i know it seems like your life is ruined right now but look on the bright side you're only 15 there kido.just about everyone gets acne and more than likely you might even grow out of it.but definitely don't go looking for a quick fix that will miraculously make them go away over night thats just not going to happen.im 25 now so i know how it is trust me.

id try ordering some of dans stuff to see how it works.reading the FAQ under the get clear tab up on top has some really good info as well.whatever you do don't try proactiv though that will just make it worse id go with dans products for sure.

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Wow we're practically twins!! lol

I'm fifteen, had acne since I was about 12 too.

I haven't tried the BP because my skin's so sensitive, but I know what it's like to not want to go to school..

Just please know your future is so much more important than how you look so don't skip :comfort:

Good luck :D

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call yours friends and tell them over the phone, but make a joke about it, and exaggerate it a little bit.

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