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Bumps on Nose

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Hey Guys!

For the past few months, I've been getting bumps (like cysts) on my nose that look like large pimples, but they don't feel like pimples. The bump is under the skin. I've had this 4 times now. I currently have 1 bump on my nose now about 2 mm each way. They bother me because they look like huge pimples. It isn't cystic acne, because the bumps don't hurt AT ALL and I can't even feel them! I researched cystic acne, and it usually dime sized (mine are much smaller), red (mine are the same colour as my skin, no redness), and very painful and scarring (mine goes away leaving no evidence or pain). I avoid touching the bumps which makes them heal faster. I usually ice them each night which makes them appear smaller. I follow the Cetaphil acne principles (1. non-medicated soap, 2. benzyl peroxide, 3. non-medicated moisturizer) The rest of my skin is almost 100% clear with this treatment, and before it, I had moderate acne. This doesn't help the bumps though, in fact, They look irratated.

Please help me if you understand my problem and you have advice!

Thanks so much :surprised:


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