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White residue on your face after washing cleanser off

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Last week I received some of Dan's products to try them out for the first time.So far they're working OK although I'm not using the BP all over my face.

I especially like the cleanser because it lathers really well and it doesn't have a shitload of unnecessary ingredients.After I'm done washing my face with the cleanser and let it dry I put on some of Paula's Choice 1% BHA gel.But when I start to put it on this white residue that's left over from the cleanser starts to appear does anyone else notice this and should I even be worrying about this?I splash my face with quite a bit of water and the residue is always still there.I know its something to do with the gel either because when I use a different cleanser like Cetaphil and put on the gel there is no residue there.I guess I could always use a washcloth and kind of gently rub my skin after splashing some water on there but would that be too rough?Like Dan says I don't want to be too harsh on my skin because that was a mistake I used to make.Kind of a bummer because I love how it lathers up but I think that might also be why the white stuff stays on there I don't know.

I was also wondering about using the jojoba oil.From what I've read about it seems like a great thing to use but over time will it really make my skin produce less oil?The only parts of face that get super oily are my nose and cheeks where I have blackheads.I tried mixing just two drops into the moisturizer but I just didn't feel right it was also extra shiny and I only used two drops of it.What I have been doing it just putting on moisturizer and then this antioxidant concentrate stuff that is supposed to mattify oily skin.It works OK but nothing too special.I'd like to hear from people with oily/combination skin that have had experience using the jojoba and if it really helped at all.

Thanks for reading I hope to hear back from some of you soon,Happy Holidays.

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Well I rinse a lot more than I normally do when I use Dan's cleanser so now I just scrub my face with a wash cloth to help get some of the excess residue off for now.

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Try using warmer water and gently glide your fingers over your face as you splash your face to rinse. No not scrub your face, it's too irritating.

Pat with clean towel to dry should get rid of any excess product from your face.

You should only need to pat a few time, the remaining moisture will dry within a minute.

When I first started the regime, I followed the instructions to a "T".

Cleanse, BP, Moisturizer. Morning and at night.

After a month 80% of my acne has been gone.

Now, what I do is.

In the morning - Cleanse, AHA+.

@ Night - Cleanse, BP, Moisturizer + Jojoba (3-4 drops)

If there's any time during the day I need to cleanse like after work or gym.

I'll only cleanse, and use the moisturizer.

Do you have facial hair?

If so, I recommend that while on the regime you shave entirely once a day, to once every other day, prior to cleansing.

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