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Hair products cosmetic acne - advice, please help!

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Hey there,

I have a problem and need advice..

I suffer from serious acne, and go through all the emotional and physical stress that comes with being ashamed of your face.. Especially as I am dark skinned and prone to hyperpigmentation.

Currently I am on a new treatment program from my derm. I THINK it's working, it's been less than a month, and whilst I am still bumpy, nothing big and new has popped up. This has been the longest period of time where I can cover up with makeup for example without bumps. I am happy about this.. though under makeup it's like those dermablend ads :(

Anyways... I noticed this morning that when I woke up my forehead was oil slick and dabbing it with tissue left and oily residue. This scares me, as since I do have acne, I am already at high risk to get cosmetic acne too... My hairline is sometimes spotty.

Some google searches lead me to believe this is a problem with black women who use grease on their hair, and whilst I don't.. I can't exactly decode the ingredients of my special hair moisturiser, which i use every other day to help it heal as it is dry and breaking (especially now winter).

I can't shampoo daily (i do weekly) as not only is this bad for relaxed black hair, my hair/scalp is dry and also.. well unlike my friends of other races whose hair gets oily and flat making it pretty easy to shampoo in shower/ blow dry after, i have long relaxed curly hair, a shampoo and conditioner takes an hour, and the styling process after than another.... I do it on sundays, there isn't any other time.

Just putting that out there in case it comes up as a suggestion!

I also work out cardio five times a week. I sweat. My scalp sweats it drips, and if there is product it goes straight to my face. I try to stop this buy wearing a cotton head band but still.. you know?

Right now I am willing to prioritise good skin over regrowing damaged hair.. I am willing to stop using the product that i THINK affects my acne as it does contain oil. However, my hair will fall out this winter (im based in ny/us and london/uk so its cold) if i don't moisturise.

I read some people use some natural products to moisturise that don't affect cosmetic acne... Like aloe vera lotion etc...

Has anyone used this? Do you have any recommendations?


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Sometimes I use Jojoba oil for frizz and flyaways and that's a substitute for silicones.

I also used a Whipped Shea Butter that I make from unrefined shea butter with 40% oils of my choice (jojoba, avacado, coconut) as a deep conditioner, that also doesn't clog pores and moisturizes deliciously. I also used Jojoba oil and Shea on my face which are said to be non comedonegenic so I feel safe putting it on my hair.

Also my hairstylist told me that you only need to apply product halfway down the hair shaft to the ends because the upper half of the hair is attatched to your scalp, there by closer to your oil glands so that part of you hair gets all that it needs. That should greatly prevent cosmetic acne around your face. That and keeping your hair out of your face as much as you can could be a good start.

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