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I've had quite bad acne now for as long as I remember. It has good days and bad days. Recently, my skin has calmed down quite some bit.

I've noticed in the past few weeks of it being better than I remember it being for quite some time, once every couple of weeks I'll have a breakout, it then takes me quite some time to get my skin looking better again...Last Thursday I had a breakout that is still lingering now. I've washed, exfoliated, moisterized, everything that used to work seems to have STOPPED working..I have a few of the same spots over my face..last night they were quite sore, i could feel them under my skin ready to come up, so I put abit of Freederm over the top of them (which has always worked before!) and woke up this morning to a very sore group of 5 whiteheads on TOP of the spot that was growing last night, my skin is awful all over again! any tips?

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Maybe you overdid it? Too mush washing, exfoliating, scrubbing etcetera can have a negative effect on the skin. It sounds like you're growing out of acne, so give it some time and do not fiddle around with it too much!

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Honestly, I'm thinking you're using the wrong products honey!

I've been a skin care consultant for years and I've seen this happen so many times. People think that when they pick-up some product from the counter, it will make these acne go away but it wont. First you have to identify which skin type you have! LOL

Tell you what, I work for a company that right now is offering free acne products that can help you solve your acne problems. The people from where I work are good with solving these problems. If you want to learn more, check out the free advice we offer (as well as a free anti-acne product we have) and this aint no promotion. The company (Inland Beauty) is giving away these products as part of the new year celebration.LOL

Check out our free advice and product here: www.freeclearessencesamples.com

If they're not free, Ill chop my head off. LOL

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