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Hey everyone, this is my first post here and ill try to make it as short as possible. I'm am a 18 year old male, and I've struggled with moderate acne for about 6 to 7 months now. It was never anything to extreme and i figured it was just the age and it would go away shortly. However, 6 months later I'm still here and it's gotten worse. In a nutshell I pretty much get whiteheads and some red spots on my left and right cheeks...everywhere else is completely clear....Ive tried medications from proactive, to aloe, to cleansers of all sorts..nothing has seemed to be working. Fed up around thanksgiving i went to see a derm and she prescribed me retin-a micro....

Skeptical about this cream i did my research b4 i even thought about putting it on my face. The whole "it will get worse before it gets better" and "its going to take a good 12 weeks to see results" pretty much i wasn't happy about the time period and more breakouts. So now im here 4 weeks deep and im breaking out like crazy. face is dry, itchy, red...i mean ultimately it feels much better smooth and clean but when i look at it close up it just looks, well awful...

Is anyone here using, or at least tired this cream? I'm just so frustrated with this whole thing hearing others inputs would be nice

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Retina-A Micro is extremely frustrating. I'm in the same boat as you. This is my 4th week of RAM and my skin has been peeling, itchy, red, dry, awful etc. etc.! The only advice I can give is to stay the course and stick with it!

Here are some things I've found to be helpful along the way:

  • moisturizing with jojoba or emu oil 30-60 min. after applying RAM
  • spot treating with benzoyl peroxide in the morning
  • taking antibiotics for a few weeks
  • not touching my skin whatsoever
  • taking fish oil & zinc supplements

I feel like my skin is just starting to get to the point where it's "OK"; it's not peeling and itchy anymore but I still have a ways to go. Good luck with RAM!

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Yeah its def not fun...cant stand it...but i gotta stick with it came to far to just quit....keep me updated on how it works for you so will I..

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