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Question about acne and accutane.

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Hello guys.

Im 20.5 years old male, ive acne since age 13-14.

I used Retin A , Benzoyl peroxide and much other crap to cure it but nothing helped to be honest.

belive it or not, All natural regimen - caveman worked the best but im still breaking out - no cysts or something but still breaking out..

this is a picture of my skin +-:


the skin you are looking at right now is a skin that didnt get a wash for at least 2 months.

i think it is still curing it self but i cant live with this acne ..

my self esteem is so low.. i hate to be in a light etc etc.. i guess acne sufferers know what im talking about.

btw, my skin is kinda red.. why do you think it happens?

Anyway , my question was about accutane.

do you think i should take it and finish with this thing once and for all.. (probably.. |: ) ?

or i should keep doing this natural regimen and wait for the best..?

I heared and saw that accutane does premature ageing but maybe it worths it ..

Bad self esteem is the worst thing.

please answer :[


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Don't ruin your life by sobbing over pimples! There are so many good things to be experienced, try to forget what you look like, even if you think it's really bad, and enjoy life!

I'm an acne sufferer myself, and I know EXACTLY what you're going through. Trust me, try not to worry about it too much.

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I have had acne since I was 14 (now 18). I tried the caveman thing: it does help, but I'm on accutane now, 20mg. My skin was (and still is) worse than yours so maybe 20mg (low dosage) of accutane will clear it.

Accutane will get rid of your acne within a couple of weeks/months, and keep it clear forever so if your self esteem is really that low (mine was too) I would definitally consider it.

How often so u shave? and do u shave against the grain?, it's probably what cause the redness.

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I dont need to shave much actually :D lol

im almost 21 and i still almost have no HAIR on my face..

Anyway, thanks for the replays guys..

and i already did bloodtests before accutane.

I want to take the LOWEST dosage availabe..

to avoid wrinkles and dryness as much as i can.

whats the lowest dosage? 10*2 MG per day?

my weight is 65-67 and im 1.72-1.74cm


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