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Debating whether or not to go on accutane

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I never ever had acne until last summer. My face was always super clear. Now though I have a lot of inflammatory acne. Its hard to look in the mirror because I no longer see the girl Im used to seeing. Im currently on Loestrin 24 fe, and its hard to tell if its working. Sometimes I think it is, then days like today I am doubtful. Ive tried Differin, Benzaclin, Doxycycline, and yaz before none of them helped. So I need your advice. Should I talk to my derm. about accutane??

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I say no. I have taken tetracycline, minocycline, used differin, and a bunch of other junk. I would never take accutane because it is just too dangerous and not healthy for your body.

The best and most healthy way to cure your acne is to live a healthy lifestyle. I am not saying you don't already, but maybe it can be improved. I am 85% clear, my acne is better than it ever has been in the past 5 years, thanks to living a more healthy lifestyle.

If you want my help, feel free to send me a message. This is what I am here for, to help :)

To an Acne Free Life,


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Yes. If you are healthy and live a healthy lifestyle Accutane isn't that dangerous as people make it out to be. It's not the easiest drug to take but as someone who is on it for the second time now it's definately worth it.

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If nothing else works for you and you are willing to deal with some major dry skin, then I would suggest Accutane. Just like everything else there are other side affects you may feel but I never had any but the dry skin and some slight joint pain(but only after i drank alchohol and they tell you not to). Accutane will clear you up, you just have to hope it doesnt come back after a long period of time

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Unfortunately the only person that can judge whether Accutane is right for you is you (and maybe your doctor). Everybody has a different experience on it. For some people, that experience is positive and will deal with your acne once and for all. Others have a bad time on it. However, you wont know if you fall into one camp or another until you try it for yourself. Good luck.

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