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What to do with my weird, stubborn skin? :(

Hi! :wavey:

I'm new here, and I've never been on this forum until today. I was not sure where to put this thread, so please move it if it is in the wrong place.

The reason why I signed up here is because I feel like it's time to take action (again) and finally try to fix my skin. I was hoping someone might point me in the right direction in my search of good products.

A little about me and my skin:

I am in my mid 20's now, and from early teen's to early 20's I had severe acne problems. What finally got rid of the problem (at least most of it) was Diane (an acne-treatment and birth control pill in one, quit common in Norway, it might have another name in the US). I used Diane for a couple of years and my skin cleared up nicely, I almost had no imperfections at all! I quit Diane about a year ago because the high amount of hormones made me a bit concerned about the potential health problems it might cause.

Those huge, infected, nasty pimples that used to bother me, did not, thank God, come back after I quit Diane. But the oiliness, blackheads, red marks and the occasional red bump/"under-skin acne", did. :confused: And I'm SO sick of looking like this now!

My skin gets easily red. It can happen when I'm outdoors in cold weather, when I put on make up, when I brush my teeth (??), or sometimes even for no obvious reason. I guess it is really sensitive.

It is also very oily, at least on the nose. During winter other parts of my face can be a bit dry, but my nose is always disgustingly oily no matter what. I hate it! No matter what kind of make up I put on (and I really do need to use make up because of my uneven skin tone and the red marks) my nose gets shiny after just a few hours. This also happens on those few home-alone days when I do not wear make up.

The red marks are mainly located at my cheeks. Some of them have been there for years without changing, and some are "maintained" because acnes (the under-skin type that just lies there deep in the skin and hurt) regularly shows up at the exact same place.

I can't afford going to a dermatologist or something like that, these things are insanely expensive here in Norway, but I would be soooo happy if someone would recommend some good products for me to try! :)


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I'm big on moderation. A lot of people are going to say take Accutane, all these high potent drugs, weird creams, and even more bizarre diets.

Accutane is the very last resort. Side effects: Scarring, can't take omega supplements, vitamin a, and a whole other plethora of health issues today and until one dies.

A concern you should have is how to cure acne without scarring. Because scarring is even more difficult than getting rid of acne itself.

Acne only affects most Western diets. So people think it is a diet. I think it may not be the Eastern diet so much as the Eastern's understanding that stress is linked to physical and mental health. This has been in Eastern culture since the era of writing. Finally, western ideology has started testing this with interesting results. Read more.

So what I think works?

1. Exercise:

That's why I think 1-2 hours of exercise with plenty of water and rest. Minimum of 5 days a week.

2. Don't Stress:

Put yourself in environments that makes you feel good. There are now quantified studies that patients in a room with a window of beautiful rolling hills get out the hospital over 30% faster than patients with a window of no scenic aspects.

3. Some diet.

Just do things in moderation. If changing something in your diet that will make you stress then that's an indicator you are not in moderation. Remember, no stress.

4. I would do some topical OTC.

They will still irritate but the prescription drugs make you flare more I believe. This is documented on acne wikipedia about the two I believe is all you need to control this break out.

a. Benzoyl Peroxide works. There's a new one clearasil Benzoyl 10%, 4 hours it says on it. It will make you flare up a little but it's expected. Keep your stress down. Couple of weeks it should just be red marks. Only put it on the pimple itself. NO OTHER SKIN. Do as directed. Let it set over night even though it says 4 hours to make it disappear on the label.

b. Supplement with clearasil with sulfur in it. Longest used chemical for acne. You can be more liberal around the areas of acne with this. You can get it tinted too for day use. However, I would do a slight dab of benzoyl, make sure it's clear and dry before adding sulfur.

c. I would also get a mask. There's also a new one from clearasil that numbs the face. It says 5 minutes but I always leave it longer because of how Im healing my face which you will read below.

5. Baby Brush: While this is going on. If you have any red marks from previous acne. Search the red marks forum for baby brush method. This kid took away red marks within 6 months that usually takes 3 times that.

6. Photon Therapy: I would now look at Lammar1986's thread about photon therapy. Light therapy. It works. There's before and after pics. Many clinical trials showed how amazing it is. The only question is that they know some reasons why its working but don't understand all the mechanics to it, nonetheless it works. Get the Blue & Red lights with correct specs to help with the break out and start looking into the other wave lengths if you have any scaring. "Okay Guys" thread has all the information you need if you have scarring and about the blue/red light therapy for acne.

Let's summarize, you will now become stress free. Take otc products for the current blemishes. Help get the red marks out. Exercise, sleep and drink lots of water, heal faster, ultimate stress reducer and true answer for most health issues. You have the light to help kill p. acne before it starts, quickly erase current red marks, any scarring. Though it takes time, I wouldn't stray too far off this or you will be in the scarring section, even if you don't pick. Or have health problems or stress yourself out and get worse.

All the questions have been answered with this program on the forums. Many double answers. Careful with some of the board member fanatics that think they have to take all the supplements and try things like urine on the face. They say its working but I don't think you need to stress or put your body through all the extra chemicals to get your body balanced.

Hope this helps.

-Progression from Northern California,

Signing off...

Edited by Progression

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Thanks! :)

A lot of these advices I already follow: I work out (not as much as 1 hour 5 days a week tho), eat healthy (low carb) and drink lots of water. Unfortunately none of these things have any effect on my skin (but I still keep doing them of course, one must stay healthy :) ).

The stress part is probably something I need to work on tho. :think:

What does OTC mean by the way? :redface:

I have not used any kind of products up until now, just ecological herb soap and an oil-based make up remover from Dermalogica. But yesterday, after reading about it here, I decided to try apple cider vinegar. I applied it three times yesterday and twice today, and I notice my blackheads on my nose seems smaller. My nose is also a lot dried. But! On my forehead and at my cheeks a few pores have startet to fill up and it looks like quite a few of them are going to turn into acne! :surprised: So at the moment I am a bit freaked out! Is it a bad idea to use apple cider vinegar at my kind of skin? Or is it normal that it gets worse before it gets better?

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If you notice that any of your blemishes that have once gone away come back in the same exact place I think it's best to try those OTC over the counter products. Read about it on wikipedia about acne. They work. That's what Dan's product has but the one I'm recommending is 10%, I think over double Dan's potency. Also sulfur and the masks make your pores very small.

I'm not a big fan of huge amount of supplements. And since your own body is case study I think less things you do to your face the better so you know which treatments are working. Over a few months the OTC products will not work it's magic like it did so that's why I think you really should start to look into light therapy. Gov't test trials showed 60% less acne in patients doing it like once a week. The new method on this board is daily use since there's home kits now, it will be cheaper than OTC products compounded in the year, so you should be able to understand how much it's helping people.

If you put the OTC products on the areas that look like they are turning into acne they will break out so beware. You already have too much sebum in there. It just makes it faster then waiting any longer. If you haven't used BP, Benzoyl Peroxide, you should try it. After a few weeks you'll be clearer than ever but this doesn't stop the future problems. Don't stop putting it on even if your tired. Do it everyday. Blue Light Therapy is suppose to go into your skin over 4-6mm to kill p. acne. The red light helps heal your skin in many ways. Doctors are still seeing new benefits everyday.

Everything in moderation. I say drop the other treatments and do BP at night and sulfur during the day. The BP is usually white and will bleach your pillow/clothes and also help take away the red. You know what to do about red marks. The red light is suppose to help with that as well.

I'm using two different lights that are working.

One from USA ebay I use for acne itself, type: Photorejuvenation Therapy 412 LEDs Photon Blue Red (to see what it looks like)

Then there's for scar treatment lights i get use theledman.net

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