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does doxycycline make you breakout??

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hi everyone!! i have struggled with acne for about 1 year, in the begingin i had a pimple here and there but now about 4 months ago i started to have cysts!! which is the worst form of acne. it was horrible i had only 3 cysts in the begining so i went to my doctor and she prescribed me clindamycin, and retin-a when i applied this my acne got 100X worse my both cheeks were covered with cysts i had so many that everytime i would wash my face it hurted really bad its like i had bruises all over my face !! my doctor told me to be patient so i did and now ts been 4 1/2 months and now my face is smooth as butter i havent had a cyst for about 1 month i do have a pimple evry two weeks but that doesnt matter now what i do have is the spots where i had my cysts those are red spots now. i am 16 years old and im traumitized with this. it seems that the red spots are fading away. i used to go to a regular high school but now because of my acne i asked to be homeschooled instead and i never go out anymore like i used. i dont even go out to the supermarket i feel hopeless even though i dont hace any cysts its juust the red spots. i just went to the dermatologist the other day and told me that i dont have any more acne and told me that the red spots will go away in about 3- 6 months and also prescribed me doxycycline 100 mg and i wanted to know if this will make me breakout again ??? please someone help me i dont know if i should start taking it or not????

but to everyone out thereif u are using retin- a be patient!! you wil see results in about 7 months!

but please someone tell me im still applying retin-a every bedtime and i want to know if i take doxycycline will it make me breakout again????????????????? i dont want to go through the same thing again??? someone help?

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I've been on Doxycycline for nearly 4 weeks and I'm still in the breaking out phase. It's been a pretty rough ride so far. Hopefully It will be worth it and I'll start seeing some results.

It might not happen with you, though. Everyone's different.

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