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Continue with Regimen or try for Roaccutane

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So I'm 18, male and from the UK. I've been blessed with acne for around 3 and a half years now and recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about which way to go in terms of a treatment.

I'd describe my acne over the 3 years as moderate although as we enter the winter months there is an obvious worsening in my acne as it becomes moderate/severe with more active acne and prolonged, more obvious red marks.

My acne is, i feel, COMPLELTEY GENETIC. Every memebe rof my close family has suffered from moderate or severe acne:

Older Brother - Severe, Cystic Acne

Mother - Moderate Acne

Father - Moderate/ Severe


Due to theses facts it was a dead cert that I would get acne. And sure enough when I was 15 i did. From the age of 17 (about a year and a half ago) I have been on Dan's regimen and recently form Oct 09 onwards I have been incorparating supplements and other medication into my regime. My current regime:

Dan's Cleanser - Morning + Night

Dan's BP - Morning + Night

Minocylcine (called Lymecycline in UK given by doctor) - One pill a day

4 teaspoons of ACV

Various supplements - Zinc, Vit B,C,D,E

About 3 litres of water a day

I'll admit my diet is poor although it has been improving recently.

Having followed this regimen it is starting to become a drain on my energy and my wallet! Aswell as this I don't seem to be noticing a definite improvement, if anything as winter has progressed my acne has got worse.

In my opinion I have three options

- Continue with the regimen which will help control my acne but won;t clear it up until the summer.

- Continue with the regimen and look into possible diet changes.

- Ask my doctor about the possibilities of a course of Roaccutane to clear my skin for good.

So here's the deal. I'm seeing my doctor on Tuesday (8th December) about the antibiotics he's given me. I'm not sure what he will offer me but it probably won't be roaccutane. On the basis that my brother was cured completley with Roaccutane i think it really is the best bet for me.


I'm open to hear any suggestions about which options I should take, thanks.

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