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Moved to Vitamin Forum: Fish oil causing acne?

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So I did a little quick reading on peoples reviews about how fish oil may cause acne. I understand it needs to be balanced with omega 6's and 9's (which I am not doing), but that sounds like a difficult thing to figure out in a timely manner.

Anyway, I have been taking 1200mg of fish oil, 50mg zinc, and 500 mg of vitamin C each day for pretty much two months exactly as of today (the same amount of time I have been on the regimen). I actually only added the vitamin C about 3 weeks ago.

I noticed that when I started the regimen, as well as these pills, that I started breaking out on my back...I never did before except for the occassional pimple probably from my bra. Well it got bad! I wasn't even doing the regimen there since I had no acne there, and I was really confused why I was breaking out. My chest has always broken out, got really bad at the start of the regimen, but is pretty clear as of today. My back is still breaking out bad, all on my upper back. But a couple days ago I noticed I am also breaking out on my lower lower back, right below my waist line...this is new to me!! My back just seems to be getting worse even though I continue to use the regimen religiously (as well as with the AHA+) on my back. And this week, my face has broken out really bad and I am not sure why. I haven't changed anything with the regimen or pills, so this is confusing to me. I mean I haven't cleared up yet, no where near it really, but I started getting more and more breakouts just recently.

I haven't taken the fish oil since Monday, so I've gone without it for 3 days as of today. I am going to test not taking it and see how it goes. If I see clearing, and clearing without another random flareup like I seem to be getting every couple weeks since I've started this, then I'll continue to stop taking it and just take the zinc and vitamin C.

Hope my back clears up, as well as some of my face too!! Has anyone had this kind of problem before??

EDIT: ADD: Also, I hardly ever got cysts before the regimen (like once or twice a year, one at a time). Now I get one nearly every two weeks, most on my jaw line and forehead, in the same exact spots each time. Another fish oil issue? I am just not going to take it for two weeks at least and see if it helps...heck...I may not go back to it out of fear!! :shifty:

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