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I had fairly moderate acne in high school and took acutane which was literally the miracle drug. Afterwords I had no pimples. I want to say I finished it in December 2008 or so. I went home for Thanksgiving from college (Freshman) and th enight before my airplane I saw a big pimple, didn't think it was a big deal tho it was annoying. The next day I start breaking out, and it's just got worse and worse. It isnt terrible yet but my face is all read and dry. I am putting on that clarifoam. Is it possible the acutane has worn off and I am reverting back to how it was in the past?

note: it's around my mouth mostly and it's not really pimples but more redness and bumpy

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You're acne may well be coming back but considering you are still a teenager/young adult it's not unexpected that you'd get some spots back. You'll just have to be mindful of cleansing, washing, hair style etc. again to reduce the amount that the acne can come back.

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What do you mean hair style? I just got a haircut on friday, cutting it the shortest it has been in a while, can that be it?

I was thinking about how if you have a hair style that has hair hanging over, near or on your face then your bound to be increasing the chances of spots coming back.

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in my experience acne is always worse for me in winter. Are you currently living in a cold place/environment. If so your skin will be a bit drier than usual due to lack of moisture during winter.

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