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Accutane Process for Women

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So I started the Accutane process almost a month ago. They started me in IPledge and gave me a pregnancy test (urine test). They gave me a slip to get bloodwork done. I was told I didnt need bloodowrk for a month. Once bloodwork I would return to get prescription. I wanted to make sure that I am suppose to wait a month before bloodwork because I have read elsewhere that you are suppose to get bloodwork a month before you start accutane, where my doctor is saying I need the bloodwork right before starting acctuane and only needed the pregancy test a month prior to start and again right before? Could someone explain to me that process, thank you.

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I didn't have any kind of tests a month before I started accutane. I had a bloodtest right before I started. The derm gave me the prescription and the first order for labwork at the same time.

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you just need to have a negative pregnancy test 30 days before starting accutane, be signed up for iPledge, and proof that you are on 2 forms of birth control. then the day you get your prescription, you will need ANOTHER pregnancy test and bloodwork. it definitely doesnt hurt to double check your doctor though! mine forgot to sign me up for iPledge so i had to wait the 30 day lock out peoriod TWICE! i was sooo upset! iPledge's only purpose it to keep women from getting pregnant while on accutane... they never see your bloodwork. The bloodwork is just to make sure your liver isnt being damaged and to keep track of your cholesterol levels. my doctor had me get bloodwork done every week in the beginning since i was on a high dose, but then only once a month along with a monthly pregnancy test. i honestly cant remember if i had bloodwork done the month before starting accutane... i dont think so since iPledge is the only reason we have to wait 30 days to get a prescription. good luck though!! i know the whole process is frustrating but it is soooo worth the results

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Thank you! I just wanted to check so I dont have to wait another month. Did you have to wait for your period to get the bloodwork? They said I needed t wait or period and something about within 5 days or something?

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