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Use hot water, it is free, natural and it works. Too good to be true? Read my story.

I know for a fact that hot water works better than cold water to remove accessive toxic in the body. Pimple and acne is accessive toxic trying to leave the body. I drink one full cup of hot water in the morning slowly but while it is still hot (too hot is not good, so only what your stomach and mouth can handle, that's why it is important to drink slowly like coffee) and I can feel my whole body steaming. If my body doesn't steam, I drink more hot water until it does. I dont pee much when drinking hot water (because it is steaming through my body), unlike cold water. I think cold water goes through my body ending up in pee within minutes - no benefit other than clear pee. Other benefits of hot water are: my bladder soreness is gone, which I use to wake up 3-4 times a night to pee, now I wake up 0-1 time a night. My pimples are gone and no new ones forming.

My daughter started having a lot of pimples on her face (She's 12, not ten). I put her on Sea buckhorn oil to kill the demodex mite that are in the skin that some site say causes acne and pimple, but the pimple kept coming back, even in the same spot. I think the demodex mite might be beneficial because it helps eat the dead skin. You can look it up on youtube: demodex mite.

Next, I put her on drinking a lot of hot-warm water everyday, like one cup in 1-2 hours (be careful with taking a lot of hot water consumption because of your soft intestine, so listen to what you body tells you on how hot and how much to take, that is why it is important to take it in slowly like coffee). Her pimples are completely gone during Thanks Giving. What a releave...her future face is under control. No new pimples forming. This has led me to believe it has something to do with her cycle, which she missed one period and it caused the toxic to build up. It not being able to leave her body made her skin yellow, caused her to loose appetite and caused a lot of pimple on her face, which was how the toxic try to leave.

Thus it is important to drink hot distill water; water that has only h2o in it and nothing else.

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is tea also good? Is actually the same but then with a little bit of stuff inside of it. And much nicer to drink... I just love tea.

Think i will do this cuz its not expensive at all 1liter is like 1 tea sack. And dont have to buy it on the internet like the supplements i think im going to buy.

Btw what i think causes acne:

To much fat and hormones - Youre body isnt able to handle them and turns them into toxics and let them get out with your skin oil

Diet - causes same as above and some other skin problems

Stress - Bad for healing process and forms pimples. Makes your health go down.

Bad care - Washing face to much, Dead skin plogging pores etc..

Whith no stress good care and good supplements/diet. I think everybody can clear up.

I guess the hot water cleans the toxics out. And they will outfinally leave the body with the water and not with your skinoil.

If im not correct plz correct me xD


How was your acne? Mild - Moderete. How long have you had acne?

What have you tried and didnt work?

How was your diet beforehand?

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Did some research:

Cold water: Your body needs to warm up: loss of calories

also better for fast hydration then warm water , it gets faster in blood stream

Warm water: Removes toxins by better blood circulation, sweating etc.

Little bit slower in hydration

You have to drink both on the correct times for best results.

Before sleep i guess warm water is best. Slower in bloodstream so lasts longer i guess.

Just after sleep cold water in the morning warm - quick hydration for lost moisturizer. And then cleaning toxins you have build up during the night.

Before excersise: warm water - better blood circulation

after " : cold water - hydration

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Bottom line - distill water that is hot or warm. The heat in it has something to do with healing your body. Distill makes it easy to be absorb into your body because it has no other elements for your body to deal with.

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