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Scars on Cheeck

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A few months back I broke out with a couple large cystic pimples on my right cheek, which left a couple indents scars. When I look at my face front on the look like rolling scars. :( Very depressing. I have some other scarring but those ones are light and easily covered. ... I bought a 1.5 dermaroller and some emu oil and they have improved a little but I still hate the way my cheek looks. I feel like that's all people see when they see me. I am considering purchasing some super cp hoping that will help them improve more... These scars are less than a year old so I'm hoping if i continue to act fast I'll get better results..

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks! :shifty:

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FOR this Super CP thing checkout:-i m skeptical this superficial treatment it will be as effective as above mentioned deep healing treatments.



By chance recently I had consulted the two famous dermatologist of india currently where i m residing .. both have told the same thing dermarollers is the most cost effective thing ever existed treatment for scars...

However costly one is Lux1540 Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

The Lux1540 delivers an array of high-precision microbeams, creating deep, narrow columns of coagulation in the epidermis and dermis. A restorative, natural healing process is then initiated, accelerating the formation of healthy new tissue. Min 5 sitting is needed to get 70%-80% result

you may get 90% depending upon how ur skin reacs to laser..

checkout lux 1540

for more details

Back to dermarollers From How long have you been rolling and how frequently do u roll gives 70%-80% improvement in yr scars...some people get results in as less as 2 weeks while some get from 6 months - 10 months depending upon many factors like skin,diet,excercise and above two factors....

Can u please elaborate From How long have you been rolling and how frequently do u roll uptill now????

If still confused visit ur dermatoligist.

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Hi. Thank so much for your reply.. I will be checking out the link on the super cp as soon as Im done here. I have been rolling for a couple of months... I was rolling lightly once a week, but have decided to stretch out the between time and am going to start once a month and maybe be a little more aggressive than i was. I feel like I have the technique down enough to get a little more aggressive with it.

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