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starting a clavaris log!!

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i used this site a lot when i was researching whether i wanted to try accutane/clavaris, so i figured i might as well start a log here!

ok so, i'm 18, female, 5'2", 110 lbs. i'm about 2 and a half weeks into my clavaris course - i was told to take 40mg once daily for 2 weeks, and then once daily on odd days and twice daily on even days by date thereafter. i'm also taking birth control (Junel FE), obviously, and biotin & flaxseed oil (omega-3) supplements to try to deal with the dry skin/lips, a multivitamin, iron supplements because between the blood tests for this and blood tests for other doctors i'm slightly anemic, and metformin 2000mg for insulin resistance.

initially, i had mostly blackheads and small whiteheads on my face with a few more cystic ones on my chin and around my hairline, and loads of awful cystic ones on the back of my shoulders. last spring/summer my acne got much worse and because of that, a hormone imbalance, and blood sugar problems, i was diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and i was put on aldactone. the aldactone made my acne even worse, and it turned out the PCOS was a misdiagnosis. i stopped the aldactone, but my acne didn't clear up, so my dermatologist put me on accutane, and i'm hoping that'll undo most of the damage.

my lips were dry the day after i took the first dose, and now my lips and face are pretty dry, but that's all. what really surprised me is that about a week in, my acne was entirely gone - and i mean entirely. i was left with some scars on my back and maybe a few blackheads on my nose, but that's it (which is great because i don't have to wear makeup, which makes it easier to slather on lotion every 5 minutes). it's actually been a huge confidence boost - i've been going to class/to work/out with friends without wearing makeup, which i haven't done in probably five years.

i know that acne is supposed to get worse in the first couple of months, so i'm kind of dreading that now - i woke up to one small pimple on my cheek this morning (it feels ridiculous to be worrying about "one small pimple"), so i think that might be starting.

anyways, i'll try to keep this updated! i'd love to hear about anyone else's experience, suggestions for dealing with dry skin, anything. (:

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