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The Climate is making me break out?

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Growing up I always had acne as a teenager. I tried so many different things and my derm could never find anything to work for me. When I turned 19 (24 now) I moved across Canada from the Atlantic Region to Alberta. Within like 2 months my face was completely clear. I thought it was because I had started a new form of the pill but then I was off the pill completely a couple months later and my face stayed clear.

For the next 5 years that I lived in Alberta I never really had a problem with my skin. I would get the odd small breakout, especially if I didn't take off my makeup before bed. It was normal, and I could control it.

Now that I have moved back to Atlantic Canada I am broken out for the last 2 months worse than ever. I have tried everything from BP to Cetaphil to Proactive. It keeps getting worse! Nothing else in my lifestyle has changed. If anything I drink less alcohol and eat better.

I don't get it, could the climate be making my skin break out? It's always so damp here and I'm wondering if this could be something to do with it. I am trying to get a referral to see a derm again but we only have one in my area and she's booked for the next 4 months! I would love just to go back out west but I'm in school for the next 6 months... :(

So sad!

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It might have something to do with humidity.

I live in Michigan. My acne gets worse in the winter. Cold, dry air, lack of sun and the tendency to eat more comfort (starchy/sugary foods) in the winter along with less physical activity all contribute I think.

I have had winters with very little acne. Not this one.

Hydrating yours skin (moisturizer) and body (water) might help.

I'm not going to pretend tha I know what to do. Maybe make a list of variables/ differences between the two locations and try to control for them.

It's hard to be more or less clear and then start having regular breakouts, I'm going through that now.

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Well my skin is bad enough that my doctor is recommending accutane, although if ispend 2 weeks somewhere nice and sunny like Spain or Greece or America in the summer, my skin becomes near perfect. (i live in the UK)

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Yes, it could be the humidity.

it could also be something environmental, like the water. Sometimes there are big regional differences. Try filtering it. Might help. I recall a few good conversations about that topic. Do a search of the site and maybe you can find them.

Also, there may be some factors relative to the regional food, too.

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