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Red circle, white/yellow dot in middle

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OK, so I scratched off a whitehead (that was a bit damaged on the cap) on my forehead that was really bugging me. After I took a shower, I looked in the mirror and saw a flat, small red circle that was open. About a day later there was a white/yellow dot in the middle.

What is the white/yellow dot?

Will benzoyl peroxide do the trick?

How long will it take to heal?

Please help; Christmas will be here in a few weeks! D:

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OK, well with BP on and stuff, it looks much better (I guess cause its covered up) but still, please help! D: My acne is very mild everywhere else (I don't have much acne) so it looks kinda out of place without the BP on. =/

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Don't pick it. The yellow dot is probably pus, just leave it alone and it will go away, probably in a few days. And yes dotting it with a small amount of Benzoyl peroxide will help. Make sure you don't over due tho

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i usually wait for those to get nice and ready, (dont put BP on it for a night)

then in the morning, take a hot shower, then point the shower head away from you and turn hot on full and wait for a couple minutes.

then go to the mirror and it will be easily poppable. (sqeeze around it and the tip will pop off and the goodies come out)

if u see blood stop. it will only make it scar

for minimal scarring don't pick at it, you're just making a bigger hole on your face, when u sqeeze it the hole is minimal.

after: i use polysporin on it. works WONDERS for the swelling. but only put it on the popped ones because it can be.. comedogenic?

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