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How do I make new friends in this situation?

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I used to be an extremely social person, I had tons of friends. In my freshman year of college I started getting acne out of nowhere, and it got bad fast as I was partying hard, and doing all kinds of drugs. After that year I decided to quit abusing substances (I was routinely drinking, smoking weed, doing ecstasy, coke, acid, ETC.) and get rid of my acne once and for all. Quite fortunately I had to quit doing drugs to achieve this, and I've now been completely sober for almost 6 months, the longest I've gone in 5 years. For that reason I'm extremely happy and proud of myself, and my acne is almost gone. I feel like I've made an incredible change, but heres the catch: to quit doing drugs, I stopped hanging out with ALL of my friends, because literally every one of them are drug addicts to some degree. I used to meet new people through my web of friends, but now I have no idea what to do... :doubt:

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well, do you go to a school of any kind? sometimes you could smile to strangers you see on a regular basis, or start up a chat with someone at a book store, there's a lot of possibilities but the thing is it's easier said than done for certain people to just...start up a conversation I know :cool2:

btw congrats on your 6 months!! :thumbsup:

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If you have any particular hobbies just attend some events and meet some people who share common interests. It wouldn't hurt going to a couple parties and drinking every once in a while. I know it's not the ideal way to people but it certainly can be easier in your situation. Good luck though!

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